Sketch: Owls

Some lil sketches I was kickin around. I’m really trying to find a style (maybe not the right word) on critters that I like and these two came out of it. Still not completely happy but are cute. I think I can do better though! Crack that whip task mistress! lol. 

What kind of critters are your fav? Gimme some suggestions as I’m stuck on owls and cats ^u^

  • Zarah says:

    Awwwwww!! I lurve them! *happy happy bounce*

  • Leah Crowe says:

    whooo wouldn’t adore these sweetlings?? I love them!!!
    Frogs.. pugs.. oinkers.. and hedgies come to mind 🙂

    • Kristy says:

      oinkers! LOL! Love it!!!

  • jessica says:

    these are adorable!!

  • Lou Mac says:

    Awhhh man. They’re cute!!
    To be honest I’m surprised you ain’t come up with a squirrel yet!! xo

    • Kristy says:

      LOL! On the Nutsy Kaylee set there’s a squirrel 🙂 But I’m always up for more squirrels!

  • Lou Mac says:
    Have you seen the Hazelnut Mikado biscuit sticks? They’ve a squirrel on and I think of you everytime I pick them up. So sweet. xo

    • Kristy says:

      no I haven’t! I think a link is in order!!! :DD

      • Lou Mac says:


        I actually love the little guy.

        • Kristy says:

          Dang he’s cute!!! Love how he has super squirrel strength lol

          • Lou Mac says:


  • Mette says:

    ………………. did you hear that!? That was me squealing (hm – is that spelt correctly?). I love owls – they are the cutest of all birds and these look just GOR-GE-OUS :).

    Hugs, mette

    • Kristy says:

      was that the ringing in my ears? XD Thanks Mette! And I think that is spelled correctly so BONUS! :DD

  • Lucianna says:

    Those are the cutest, so very adorable!!

  • Sandra says:

    These are soo cute! Bet you would make some pretty cute owls too! TFS

  • Sandra says:

    To the above comment! ^_^ I meant penguin… lol …I love all the critters you draw , would be so cool if you made a set with all types of critters.

  • Hazel Conboy says:

    Hey Kirsty

    These owls are cute – but I have to say I am a bit of a cat girl and would love to see any little cats.

    Hazel x

  • Faye says:

    Oh, these are so tweet! What an absolute hoot. Ok, I’ll stop now, but you can tell I like them, right?! 😉 xx

  • Judith Gowdy says:

    These are so cute! I would love to see a Koala Bear, they are the cutest animals…that’s the Aussie in me coming out 🙂

  • sammi says:

    Aww so very cute!! 😀 I do love your critters … I have a friend who LOVES ferrets.. would love to see how you do a ferret!?!
    what else?? a little joey Kangaroo? .. an Echidna?

  • Leanne says:

    Happy New Year!! OMG! My friend will love these!! I love them too. lol! I would really love to see a turtle.

  • Leah Crowe says:

    ooh I second a turtle…. a turtle and frog set would be so sweet. <3

  • Sharon says:


  • BittenUsagi says:

    Awwww that right one stole my heart, lol. I’d suggest bunnies (my fav- the usagi in my username means bunny in Japanese) or maybe some penguins would be cute too!

  • Beth Sluzewski says:

    My son loves owls, and I love the little one you’ve created! Others that come to mind: hedghogs, racoons…what about an otter?

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