Valentine’s Tia and a contest!

Happy friday peeps! School is canceled here due to snow, my big dental appointment yesterday went smooth (though I think my cheek is bruised lol) and I finally have something to share that isn’t me complaining about said appointment, snow or a cold I woke up with. :DD 

I got this card done! YAY! I has been waiting to be colored for about… 2 weeks? I got tons wrapped up in drawing that I forgot to finish it in time for today’s feature post on Some Odd Girl. I’m naughty *slaps own hand* I went all yellow and orange to kind of contrast the normal red and pinks for Valentines’ day cuz I’m a rebel like that. I used Valentine’s Tia of course and Sass paper, then the yellow doily, yellow stick pin and fabric flower all came from fabulous Miss Cassie and just wanted to go together! It was destiny XD 

I took my pic today in natural light because I’ve got everything all set up for videos on my desk and didn’t want to move my lamps. Winter is not an awesome time for bright natural light pics, nope. Even with PS there was no making it lighter. Well without ruining it anyway. *shakes fist at snow* Maybe I should move the stuff off the window kitty bed in a minute though… she might want that back. 


The other to do to share is a little Name That Digi Contest kicking off NOW at the SOG Blog! Wanna see the digi?

Wanna see why even though I love the digi it was a pain in my booty?

my paper pad was juuuuuuust too small :3 It still worked out though! lol. 

Anyway, you can enter to win that special digi thru next Friday, you’ll have to read all the deets on the blog 🙂


That’s it from me today, I’m going to find the elusive Dayquil and maybe get crafty or draw! Not good at heavy thinking with the cold and aleve for my dental today ha. 


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