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We’re in the last two days of the Design Team Call over at Some Odd Girl. These two days are typically where I receive as many apps as the entire rest of the time the call was open so I thought, why not throw a post out there with exactly what I would be looking for in an app.  If you’re debating or putting the final touches on your app these Application Tips might be good to consider. 

*This is not meant to discourage anyone from applying just to provide some insight*


I’m looking for someone who knows the style they like to work with (definable or not) and can rock it! Don’t try to be something or someone you’re not in your crafting. I purposefully look for a variety of styles for my Team so being the best you, gives you the best chance.

Show YOU off!

Work on your photography skills. We may be crafters but we all like showing off our creations and being on a DT its so very important that your project is shown in the best light possible, literally and figuratively!

Too many times, great projects are ruined but not so great pictures. You don’t have to have fancy software to make your pics great but taking the time to experiment with what you have (camera, lighting, etc) and doing some reading can make a big difference. Your project may be wonderful but, especially being a digital age, if you can’t take bright clear pictures and close ups of your projects without glare and flash shines… well you get the idea. I’m not a pro photographer and am still learning but you can see how I set up for my pics on this post.

Be the BEST YOU you can be!

You have a passion for crafting and making gorgeous projects right? Don’t forget the basic of practice makes perfect! Think about the team you want to apply for and then look at your skills, do you see something lacking? PRACTICE! Want to apply for a stamp company where coloring your images might be a must? PRACTICE! Make YOUR style the best it can be! 

now for the obvious but sometimes less obvious points…

Follow the instructions in the Call.

If the call asks for your name, address, and 3 projects make sure you’ve included them all. The missing of basic points really puts into question whether or not you will be able to follow instructions on the Team.

Keep an active and well maintained blog.

By active I don’t mean 100 comments on each post of your latest project but regular posts on a nice looking blog are essential, nice looking blog means easy to read and navigate without tons of clutter. If you typically post only once a month or erratically you should think about stepping up your game and posting weekly or more like 3 times a week. This is good for you and us. You won’t gain readers without regular posts, and your blog traffic is helpful to the team you want to be on. Your blog is your virtual representation of you and by extension the Teams you are on so making it look nice goes a long way. And if you have music on your blog think about having it not start automatically when someone arrives. That literally scares the bejeebus out of me each and every time! XD

Be able to commit.

One thing I look at on Apps, part of the reason I ask as well, is what teams you are currently on. We want someone who has the time to commit to the team if selected and if you already have a ton currently that may make us at least wonder or ask about the time you have available. If you do apply then don’t think you’ll be able to commit if chosen its ok to email and say so! Honesty is number 1! For us, nothing is worse than getting a fabulous team selected then have people unable to commit. We chose you over others and that spot could have gone to someone else. Mind you life does arise and if you have to leave bc of something unforeseen that is not a problem. Life and family are more important! :>

Is this team right for you?

Most calls list the commitments involved, would you be able to fufill those? Is the style of the product something you love? Don’t apply to a call JUST to be on a team. Please! If you are someone who likes bright colors and has a fun style applying for a company that is all muted tones and overly fussy may not be a good fit for you. 

Go for it!

You can’t get chosen if you don’t apply! We usually get between 200-400 apps for our call and trust me it SUCKS to narrow it down so far but I can’t choose you if you don’t apply! I purposefully look for new talent and pride myself on giving people with no DT experience a shot so don’t think just because you haven’t hit the mark with a Team spot you can’t break in, YOU CAN!


  • Corry says:

    This is such an awesome post Kristy. I was just going to send you an e-mail, but hey, why not be me and put it out there for the whole world to see! !

    I have had the best time being on your DT this past run! You have provided so much inspiration, so much WOW factor, so much F-U-N into my crafting life. You are super, oodaliciously generous with all your stamps for your DT!! Everyone is made to feel like ‘one of the family’.

    If I had the time to commit to another round, you coulda bet your bottom dollar I would have LOVED to stay! I would not be putting my best ODD foot forward, thereby not holding up my end of the bargain! I’m so glad I had the opportunity to work side by side a truly talented artist (Kristy) and team (the Oddies- you know who you are! )

    I’m a lifer! I will keep buying your stuff. Stuck like glue or gum on your shoe, you choose girl……….either way, there ain’t no scraping me off!! LOL

    Thanks again, Kristy for a wonderfully ODD term! I cant wait to see the next lot “bring it”!!

  • Mary Brockway says:

    Wowza!! Thanks so much for the inside scoop!

  • Faye says:

    Gulp! xx

  • lizzie says:

    You never know if you will make it if you don’t TRY!

  • Mette says:

    Thank you so much for this Kristy. I really really like this and it’s also very helpful.

    Hugs, Mette

  • Lucianna says:

    Great post and such great reminders, thank you 🙂

  • sandra says:

    Great pointers! Thanks for taking the time 🙂

  • Yolanda D says:

    LOL You are SO right about the music! I have jumped out of my chair more than once due to a surprise blog soundtrack.

  • Susan says:

    Thanks for sharing this tips, Kristy…

  • Jessica says:

    Great post! And you are right about everything, especially honesty, soundtracks and dare to apply! Before my pause in crafting, I would never applied. Low self-esteem was a huge problem. Today I’m a totally new girl (can I say girl at the age of almost 30?). Sure, I don’t have a specific “style”, atleast not that I know of since I don’t like to get “stuck” in the same circle. But I know what I like and I’m proud of what I like and what I create!

    Good luck to all of you that applied to the DT call!

  • Hazel (didos) says:

    These are brilliant tips, Thanks.
    I laughed at the music thing, It makes me jump out of my skin too. Hate it!! Especially as its never to my taste!!!

    Love Hx

  • janine says:

    thanks for the tips, i have 2 days to decide..i have a colored 3d image on my desk..but im in the hospital with my youngest son. I have to stay for the night

  • Arabella says:

    Great post Kristy! Scary, but great!

    Lol! I laughed about the music thing… that’s one of my pet hates when visiting blogs! It can be especially bad if you are at work and don’t want anyone to know you’re not working!!! I have panic moments… Aahh, turn it off, turn it off!!!!!


  • Malin says:

    I laughed so hard pepsi came out my nose when I read the “music on blogs” thing!! That’s the truth of the day!! I don’t know how many times I’ve had to restart my heart when I’ve visited these blogs! Especially when tis those hip mono tones (like a mobile ring tone from early 2000) with themes like titanic or AC/DC 😀

    Also this post is great!!

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