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    Coloring Faces Ebook

    I’m super excited (and nervous to tell the truth) to be putting out my Coloring Faces ebook today! I’ve been picking away at this thing for 2+ years and finally decided to go for it and get it out there. There are many great ebooks out but I think this one will give you a unique perspective. In it I share techniques to “seeing” the shape of the face then applying that to all the stylized images we know and love. Its a bit more “in depth” probably than some coloring tut books out there as its to show you how to approach an face with some anatomy behind it,…

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    New Art Print

    I’m really excited, I’ve finally put together my first art print of the year and have it up on Society6! Its a goal I’ve had for a while but I finally started it then got sucked in, finishing it in 2 long days of digital painting. I shared some process pics on instagram and big love to everyone who responded, its great encouragement     A photo posted by Kristy (@someoddgirl) on Nov 10, 2015 at 12:02pm PST     A photo posted by Kristy (@someoddgirl) on Nov 10, 2015 at 3:07pm PST And here is the final piece, I haven’t digitally painted much since my wedding invitations in 2003…

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    Adding Depth to a Digital Scene: Video Tutorial

    Hey everyone! Today I have a tutorial to add to my growing series of building digital scenes in Photoshop or Photoshop Elements.  In the previous videos, each building on skills learned in the one before it, I’ve shared how to change a JPEG into a PNG, and how to layer a scene in photoshop.  In today’s video I have a neat trick from you add extra depth to your scene in a way you might not have thought of before… What do you think? A little goes a long way into making the two images look like one. Make sure to check out our previous Movie Monday videos tutorials for…

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    April Color Swatch Journal, Part 1

    Today I have for you this month’s Color Swatch Journal. If you are scratching your head at that, in part 1 (you can see the first post with all the deets on the first edition) we give you a color prompt and you play with the medium of your choice to see what color combos you can come up with, then in part 2 we put them to use. I post the prompts here and on the Some Odd Girl blog blog but all the fun of seeing everyone’s takes and try outs goes on in our Community. The prompt has an example color group for Copic Markers and Spectrum…

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    3 Great Coloring Journals to Inspire You

    Hey everyone! Next week in the Some Odd Girl Community on Facebook we are going to be kicking off a monthly Coloring Journal project. We had talked in the group about how fun it would be so dang it, let’s do it! We’ll have all the details next week Wednesday but I thought to give you the heads up with 3 great examples so you can be ready to go. I’ve gathered my bits for my journal, which I’ll be sharing next week when its put together. These 3 are different takes on a Coloring Journal, they all use Copics but you obviously don’t have to. Debbie Olson Debbie taught all…

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    Artsy (Thurs)Day: Picnic

    A lil sketch to share today of Mae and Kody on a picnic, holding hands like a sweet couple. Say awwwww with me… AWWWW! I’m in the Valentine’s Day mood I guess. I’m going to squeeze my kiddos, my hubs (who for the first time I can remember doesn’t have to work on Valentine’s Day), and my cats. One will not be pleased, the second likes it but doesn’t know better lol. I hope you have a lovey day!   

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    Coloring White with Spa Day Mae

    Happy tuesday! Today is a brand new Digi Stamp release at Some Odd Girl and for each shop item I color and scan a version in for the listing. I could have gone with any old color but I thought since I was coloring it up anyway why not couple it with a tut on coloring white! For my tut I’m using a few of my favorite color combos but if you want to mix up the colors go for it. Believe it or not, a white object has a lot of color depending on the light, the setting its in and other factors so when coloring a white object…

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    Artsy Friday: Expressions

    Today for Artsy Friday I have this pic I shared on IG on Wednesday of some warm up sketching I did. I was playing around with a few expressions on the girls faces… the bottom right is my fav!!! lol! I know I’ve made that face a time or two… or a million. It kinda reminded me of a comment that was made about eyelids. Yes, eyelids. Someone mentioned that when my Some Odd Girl images have partially closed eyes this person found them creepy. Everyone is welcome to their opinion obviously but it did get me thinking about how much most people probably don’t realize how much of a…