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I’m really excited, I’ve finally put together my first art print of the year and have it up on Society6! Its a goal I’ve had for a while but I finally started it then got sucked in, finishing it in 2 long days of digital painting. I shared some process pics on instagram and big love to everyone who responded, its great encouragement



A photo posted by Kristy (@someoddgirl) on



A photo posted by Kristy (@someoddgirl) on

And here is the final piece, I haven’t digitally painted much since my wedding invitations in 2003 (I wonder if I have an extra around) so I’m happy it turned out as well as it did 


A photo posted by Kristy (@someoddgirl) on

I got totally sucked in to this piece in as much as working on it for a good 6 hours straight the first day then at least that much day 2, the line art had been done and scanned previously. The only downside? My neck does not appreciate this AT ALL. 

If you want to check out the print on society6, its also offered on things like mugs and phone cases, I totally encourage you to hop over and take a look. If you love it then take one home for me 🙂

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