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Its almost the end of this term at Some Odd Girl and to celebrate the wonderful term with some fabulous girls we are having a hop featuring everyone’s 3 favorite projects from the term. Each stop will have a digi from one of those creations to give away and a big prize on the Some Odd Girl blog. Its also where you’ll find our full hop list, just sayin.

Before I show you my 3 fav projects from the term I have to say that spending the last year with these girls has been amazing! We’ve been like a family, ups & downs, not seeing eye to eye, sharing secrets, celebrating good times and hugs in the not so good times. These girls have supported me in a very tough time personally since Some Odd Girl opened over 5 years ago now and I know I’ve said thank you for their support before but I really can’t adequately express how much I love and cherish them for it. The next term is going to be different and to the girls that have been with me one term or a few I will miss you amazingly much having you with us! I feel like we’ve become great friends so you’d better not be a stranger afterwards, I will stalk you 😉

Before I get myself all teared up I really should show you my 3 fav projects. Click on the links to see more about them and some close up pics.


Witchy Mae Black & White Card


This card tops my favs for a few reasons. First, I really had fun with the black and white coloring on the grey toned paper, I NEED to do that again; Secondly the airbrush on the transparency card base was an idea that actually worked, much to my delight and surprise; Third, star vellum shaker!


Yeti Aurora Borealis card


Apparently I’m very impressed with my own ingenuity because this card is another fav for that very reason. The background on this card was a practice in “I wonder if this will actually work…”, and it did! Another experiment with the airbrush… I really need to do some more!


Apple Frame & Card

Honeycrisp Apple Card and Frame set by Kristy Dalman

Last up is my birthday gift for my bestie Leah. I heart her to tiny pieces and this was my way of showing it this year. I am really in love with how the coloring turned out on the apple (I was going for a realistic honeycrisp, go see close ups in the link), it really was a labor of love.


Well there you have it, my 3 favs for the term! For my stop on the hop I am giving away to a commenter, you can comment thru March 31st, the digi stamp Witchy Mae. Maybe you’ll have as much fun coloring her as I did! Make sure to comment on our main blog and all the stops for lots of chances to win!

Because I can, I am going to also share a 20% off your entire order coupon for the duration of the hop, use coupon code FONDFAREWELL to take advantage 🙂


  • Gamze says:

    Dear Kristy, I’m following your blog for a long time. I’m not writing comments below every post you share. But I attached your blog posts to my official mail address in my office, so when I’m bored or when I felt myself hopeless taking sneak a peek in to yout blog. It makes me smile. Your characters are full of happiness! Yes this is ugly world BUT they make us remember there is still hope. so:) I just wanted to share my feelings with you based the long period of following:) Take care& keep smiling
    I’m making handmade dolls by the way here:


    • Kristy says:

      That just literally made my day Gamze. Even if you don’t comment just the idea I can make you smile makes me smile. BIG HUGS!
      (ps, your dolls are fabu!!!)

  • MelissaO says:

    These are FAB!! Can’t thank you enough for the opportunity to be ODD, and all you do with coloring tuts, advise, and of course sharing your art as stamps! You ROCK!

  • janine says:

    Looks awesome
    Yes I got my birthday presents
    New clearstamps and the paperpad
    I didn’t knew

  • Sharon Stegeman says:

    Beautiful work! I especially love your apple frame and card…:)

  • Laila Bianca says:

    They are all fabulous… But your black & white Witchy Mae card is unforgettable.
    Congrats…. and thanks for the coupon code. I’m simply in love with your stamps!!!
    Hugs, Laila

  • Kim Rippere says:

    You are amazing!


  • Lenny says:

    Awesome projects, Kristy!! I’m always blown away by your out-of-this-world fantastic coloring!! wow!!
    THANKS so much for this wonderful time in the SOG DT!! These two past terms were fantastic!
    Learned loooots!! So awesome to have met you in person too… (while everybody was laughing
    with my funny accent) LOL
    Thanks so much, Kristy!!! 🙂

  • Kalina Pavlova says:

    Love your cards but the witch is AMAZING! Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Naz Smith says:

    Honey, your makes are amazing. thank you so much for sharing
    Naz xxx

  • Mamie says:

    kristy, I love your work of course. But I think you are so cool and down to earth. Thx for all your designs. I want to be on the DT when I grow up 😉 (I’m 33, so I hope you will pick me soon, lol) thx again for the coupon code too.

  • Crystal says:

    Great projects.

  • Jess S. says:

    Lovely projects. The witchy Mae card is fabulous, especially the vellum shaker.

  • Cindy G says:

    Oh, Kristy! I just love your company! That yeti card is amazeballs.

  • Sara S. says:

    Thanks for all of the inspiration you give! Your creations are freakin’ amazing!

  • Maggie N. says:

    I am in awe with your 3 projects! I love them all. You’re a copic genius with the Aurora Borealis effect!

  • Damaris Velazquez says:

    WOW! That b&w card is amazeballs, and that dark night background is crazy! I don’t understand how you do it! hehe
    But I’m glad you’re here to inspire everyone.
    Congrats on your continued success with Some Odd Girl!

    x0, Damaris

  • Carisa says:

    You are amazing, I absolutely adore your witch card – your team has killed it – they have left some VERY big shoes to fill! It sounds like you were surrounded by just the right people at just the right time.

  • Judy Bags says:

    LOVE all of these, but the black and white is CRAZY awesome! I have loved being an Odd Girl again for this last year’s term. Thank you for letting me a part of this amazing group. Love you to bits!!

  • mamie says:

    i dont see my post from yesterday?! anyway you rock!

    • Kristy says:

      You are totally fine! I just hadn’t approved comments yet 🙂

  • mamie says:

    please let me know if i said something inappropriate……;)

  • Nathalie says:

    Your cards are very inspiring and beautiful ! Thanks for inspiring us 🙂

  • Stephanie Beauchemin says:

    Kristy, I’m very happy to have been designing with your products through out the year, even if I was very different from everyone’s style on the team eheh! Anyways, I know that you know, but if you ever need me again, do not hesitate to ask! A big thank you again xxxx

  • Ellen H. says:

    I think everyone loves your skills. You make every card perfect. I can’t wait what the new team will looks like and what you will make 🙂

  • Naomi Hanson says:

    I love your Yeti! You always have gorgeous cards and inspiration!

  • Nicole Setter says:

    Love your projects Kristy, they are all so different and unique. Wishing you a fab year full of family and fun.
    Cheers Nicole

  • Anna Sigga says:

    Kristy – you know you are one of my fave people in da whole flippin world! Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of the spectacular Odd ride! I have loved every second and I still wanna be like you when I grow up! 🙂

  • Liz Robinson says:

    kristy your designs are amazing! Been a fab term!

  • Erika Horvathova says:

    Love all these supercute digis, and the apple is really yummy.

  • Alexis says:

    I can’t pick a fave, I have no idea how you did.

    You are so fantastic and sarcastic and I LOVE IT! It was so much fun doing CHA with you this year and being part of the Odd Elite (Oddlite? no…that, just sounds like odd-lite…which sounds like a gross beer) You are an inspiration and just a downright awesome human. I loves ya. Always and #ForeverOdd

  • Jeannean M says:

    Thank you for continuing to crank out awesome images and inspiring us all to be ODD!

  • Tabbatha Sandoval says:

    You know they say that “once you go ODD, you never go back” and that is just too true for me. I could gush and gush about Some Odd Girl and you and Mr Odd Girl, but needless to say I really am an ODD girl for life! <3

  • april f says:

    cuteeeee apple!

  • sharla~ says:

    What a fun hop, the SOG’s DT sure did a great job. I love your Yeti card and the background is fabuolous! Looking forward to the new DT and what the future SOG has for us! 🙂

  • Farika says:

    Amazing projects! I do always love your creations n your coloring, all of them are inspiring me. Thank you, Kristy 🙂

  • Leah l'Orange says:

    seriously. you amaze me. you are one of the BEST people i know and i am grateful for having you in my life. this journey has been amazing and i know that the years ahead will bring lots of fresh, new ideas and loads of success for your little company! that little birthday giftie means so very much and will always remind me of that big box of YUM. i look forward to picking honeycrisps with you in person. i miss you dreadfully and will always be your Trixie. xo

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