Office/Studio Space Revisited

Last July I did a post showing the Before and After of my new Office/Studio space. Its gotten a ton of views and someone suggested that since a year has passed that I have a little update and talk about what has changed. 

Above is the current set up in my space. It doesn’t look a whole lot different than it did last year over all but there is a few noticeable changes. First is my stamp wall on the right. I’m short a few there and its grown past its boundries lol. 

Also I’ve rearranged a few little things like added the holder for my stamps and another stamp pad holder as I got a few of the Memento dew Drops that needed a home 🙂 

I’ve added this little silver basket for things that need to be put away but just need to be off my desk. Not too big so when it fills I can’t keep going and have to empty it. The condiment carousel on the left I got a clearance from Target. Not sure what i want to do with it yet though. I’m thinking a washi tape/twine holder but still need to figure it out. 

These hold all of my 6×6 pads and papers that I cut down to 6×6 sorted by color. I like being able to grab one flip thru and put it back. They came from the Target $1 section. On the left is my Prisma Color Pencils. I haven’t gotten a lot of play time with these yet but I’m sure we can fix that 😉

This is probably the biggest change. The top drawer here used to be all my 12×12 sticker and embellie sheets and my paper pads along with extra paper pads and books with all the photo stuff in the bottom drawer. I moved the 12×12 stuff to the storage cubes under the desk and put my paper pads with the photo stuff below. Then I moved all my “need at hand” tools to the top drawer so they are right there. I like them there vs on the caddy on my desk where they used to be. 

The Office side of my space has gotten the biggest amount of change. If I had done this post in early July there wouldn’t be alot to show but after CHA I had those lovely shoe cabinets that just NEEDED to be in my office. NEEDED. 

The just went in a few days ago so I don’t have them organized completely but they hold my paper work, files and all that good stuff. It gave me room to put my sketch books within easy reach as well as just a better spot for the odds and ends. My momiji dolls and Nick Fury have a new home too 🙂 Not to mention I did a make over on my office chair, much more comfy!

Lastly my monitor got an upgrade to a touchscreen big ol 23 incher and its on a swivel arm so I can easily push it out of the way for packing orders or general mess making. It will also swivel all the way around so I can watch Hulu on it from the other side of my desk. My old monitor is still here though! It was mounted on the wall to my right and is where I put my internet tunes/podcasts/shows while I work. I also ditched my regular mouse for a Wacom Bamboo.

Most everything else is still the same 🙂 The stamps have almost filled up the first unit I had for storing them and we have another, both bought at the antique fair for a dirt cheap price, that now sits just under the edge of my desk. I also switched out my old Copic holder for my Copic Bag that i still adore to pieces even though its almost a year old as well 🙂 The Pear that I keep my refills in IS full so I’m looking for a friend for him. So far no luck but I still have a couple trips to the antique fair this year to try 🙂

I think that’s it! Don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions about the system I use. I heart my space though, as I’m sure we all do, I wish it was a smidge bigger lol. 

  • Catherine says:

    It looks great, Kristy! I think that cute condiment carousel would be perfect for mists! TFS!

  • Nicole says:

    Hey, I love you space and you images are even cuterrrrrr. The bins from target are perfect for 6×6 paper. I luv that pear its cute. I plan on purchase my 1st odd girl stamp soon and get the crafting.

  • Danni says:

    Love your space!! 🙂

  • Annette Allen says:

    awesome craft space…so did your hubby fix those ikea cabinets…hehe

  • Sandra says:

    Love your space Kristy! makes me wanna get to the container store…hehe

  • Kellie says:

    Your upgrade was what got my into re-doing and painting mine and I still look back at yours and think, OMG I so want my craftroom to look like that, lol! I do love mine though, but yours rocks my socks off! xx

  • Sara Schumann says:

    Great space! It has given me some ideas for my craft space when I get the money to revamp it. TFS!

  • Faye says:

    Now see! I’ll easily fit in one of those drawers. And then, every time you need a giggle, you could just pop me out! I’m cheap to run, just the odd jellybean here and there… whadaya say? x

  • Diana Fisher says:

    I am oohing and aahing over all the neat little touches here! I know it’s been ages since I commented, but I promise I still stalk you! 🙂 xo

    • Kristy says:

      and vise versa 😉

  • Back from “vacation” | The Odd Girl says:

    […] ETA: Here is the space one year later […]

  • Aimee says:

    Kristy, I love your craft room! I love love the inspiration that comes from seeing how other people plan out their crafts. I love the 6×6 paper bins.

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