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ATC Series

I started doing these new lil ACEOs (like ATCs) of people in different eras with nerd glasses. Its just a for fun thing but I find the idea of the nerd glasses that have become such a trend now being worn by people from way long ago particularly funny. Yes, I have a weird sense of humor.

I thought doing these little art projects would be fun and more freeing to play with color without the worry of messing up something I had worked on for a couple hours being ruined.ย 

I’m using Copics and Multiliners on Strathamore Bristol in the ATC size. The ink behaves differently ย on the Bristol than on the XPress It but since I also use sketch paper to color I’m used to anticipating the faster bleed.ย 

If you have suggestions on an era or look don’t hesitate to shout out! Viking nerd is next lol


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