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    CHA Prep Progress!

    oh my, its like all the prep work is coming together in the last week.  I’m POOPED. Catalogs arrived Banners arrived tables are built and painted all the print items are in stools and rug are here All I’m waiting on is one last sample to show up then order it, luckily it has fast turn around, and we’ll be pretty much done! A little bit of blocking out product in this new set up is all that’s left really Until we get to the show lol I’m really excited about this booth set up. We’ve designed it keeping reusability in mind while keeping it very light weight. Unless I…

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    What I’ve been working on

    Today is a new release day over at Some Odd Girl and the Girls have a ton of inspiration on the blog today, I wish I had some projects to show you of my own but the thing I’ve been working on ended up taking the whole weekend on top of what I figured it would.  One of my big goals this year for Some Odd Girl is to have some good quality videos on our YouTube Channel that I hope people will find helpful, inspiring and informational. The first one I shot was in two parts (Clouds and Sky and Coloring Grass with the digital stamp Gardening Mae) and…

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    Some Odd Girl gets a new look!

    Some Odd Girl is turning 3 on Friday and while we are always looking on what we can improve on this is the time we always apply that to our website. This year especially is a big change as to do along with some new things we’re doing we decided to do some re-branding. Its a big change but I totally feel like this reflects us better as a company.  Just as a little perspective (and so I can look back at it in like 5 years) here’s a side by side of our site, old vs new… and new…     So, what do you think? I’m looking forward…

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    Some Goals for 2013

    I like to do this post every year too. I don’t like making “resolutions” for the new year as those always seem to be like if I don’t follow thru its not as important as it does if I set a Goal. Goals have a plan behind them to back them up (typically lol) though they can still fall short.  So here are some of my goals, divided up into categories, for 2013: Personal – Get back on my diet! I was on a great diet in the first part of 2012 but I was suppose to go to the Clinic on this plan 3 times a week which after…

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    What I’m Thankful for…

    With Thanksgiving tomorrow I get to spend time with my kids, hubs and family at the same time which really makes me reflect on what I’m Thankful for. This year I’m thankful for so many things but one thing very much stands out to me and has touched on everything I do on a daily basis. Also events around Facebook and blogland have really made me thankful for how lucky I am to get to be doing what I do for a living.  I’m thankful that I get to actually spend time with my family, when I worked at my previous job I always had to work holidays and worked opposite…

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    Its a full day!

    of order packing! I love packing orders, its tons of fun to see where they are all headed off to (kinda want a map to put pins in  ^u^ ). Its great to  think that people will be excited to get crafty goodies in the mail and enjoy putting them to use. Its seriously the BEST part of the job. 

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    5 Days a Week… Scheduling it all

    Coming back from CHA I had a whirlwind and a half to do and deal with (which was fab btw) and while I’m good at making the To Do list I wasn’t actually taking my To Do list and “scheduling” it. There is a difference between knowing you have an empire state building tall list of things that need to be done and a plan for getting them done. Before I would work until really really late trying to knock as many things off that list as possible then get up the next day to add more and do it again.  Was that the smartest course of action? At the…

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    CHA in pics Day 2

    We had some other fun things we did besides just hang in the booth, like the Sangria above from the nightly manager’s reception at the hotel… fantastic!  Pics 1 & 2: After hitting up the Dick Blick store (swoon!) Leah and I found what felt like a random Elk reserve in the middle of a shopping district :3  SO cute! Pic 3: We had to go to Paradise Pub after a strong recommendation by some local lawmen 🙂 We weren’t disappointed! Pic 4 & 5: My hubs drove down for the last day of the show and I caught him coloring his first time ever with Copics! He used to…

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    CHA in pics Day 1

    For the next two days I have some pics from the CHA trip to share 🙂 Today I have some more booth shots with some close ups, tomorrow I have some other fun things we did I had to share too.  Just click on the thumbnails above to see them in their full on glory 🙂 I didn’t want the post to be a mile long lol. Big thanks to the ENTIRE SOG DT who sent me cards and projects for the booth. Everyone was so impressed with how cute they were and they totally made the booth what it was!

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    CHA, Pencils and Dreams

    If I ever got a tattoo this would be it 🙂 Made this dinking on the computer the other night. Tomorrow I’m leaving on my trip. All next week I’m not sure if and when I’ll be able to update this blog but I want to give you some places you can look for some CHA action. First, follow me on Instagram! (username someoddgirl) you know I’ll have some pics there! Follow me on Twitter! no instagram? The pics usually go out on my twitter feed too 🙂 Stop by the Some Odd Girl Blog! We’ll be updating that hopefully daily with videos from our UStream.  Follow us on Facebook!…