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    Long Term Goals

      If you stopped by yesterday you know that its sneaks week for Some Odd Girl’s FIRST EVER Paper Release on our blog. I’m pretty excited, proud, and completely nervous to drop this new product on you guys next week. Doing more than stamps has been a long term goal of mine since Some Odd Girl began and its been a long road to get here.  Its actually kind of funny, designing paper and patterns has been such a long term goal of mine that even though I know, for me, its an evolving skill and process I didn’t think about what the next “big goal” would be when it…

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    Some Pics from CHA 2014

    Holy cripes! I’m back from almost a 2 week jaunt across the country to CHA in Anaheim. I have a few pics saved on my phone from the show, from my booth for Some Odd Girl and from my photographic shopping on the last day I’ll be sharing.  My fav part of CHA is the people. Meeting new people, getting to see friends and forging new relationships. That said this is my post of peeps  :wave: I was aisle 2400 neighbors with the girls from Freckled Fawn who were just awesome, funny, and just lots of fun! We really enjoyed all the sisterly love 🙂 They have some really fab things coming…

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    CHA Prep Progress!

    oh my, its like all the prep work is coming together in the last week.  I’m POOPED. Catalogs arrived Banners arrived tables are built and painted all the print items are in stools and rug are here All I’m waiting on is one last sample to show up then order it, luckily it has fast turn around, and we’ll be pretty much done! A little bit of blocking out product in this new set up is all that’s left really Until we get to the show lol I’m really excited about this booth set up. We’ve designed it keeping reusability in mind while keeping it very light weight. Unless I…

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    CHA in pics Day 2

    We had some other fun things we did besides just hang in the booth, like the Sangria above from the nightly manager’s reception at the hotel… fantastic!  Pics 1 & 2: After hitting up the Dick Blick store (swoon!) Leah and I found what felt like a random Elk reserve in the middle of a shopping district :3  SO cute! Pic 3: We had to go to Paradise Pub after a strong recommendation by some local lawmen 🙂 We weren’t disappointed! Pic 4 & 5: My hubs drove down for the last day of the show and I caught him coloring his first time ever with Copics! He used to…

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    CHA in pics Day 1

    For the next two days I have some pics from the CHA trip to share 🙂 Today I have some more booth shots with some close ups, tomorrow I have some other fun things we did I had to share too.  Just click on the thumbnails above to see them in their full on glory 🙂 I didn’t want the post to be a mile long lol. Big thanks to the ENTIRE SOG DT who sent me cards and projects for the booth. Everyone was so impressed with how cute they were and they totally made the booth what it was!

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    CHA, Pencils and Dreams

    If I ever got a tattoo this would be it 🙂 Made this dinking on the computer the other night. Tomorrow I’m leaving on my trip. All next week I’m not sure if and when I’ll be able to update this blog but I want to give you some places you can look for some CHA action. First, follow me on Instagram! (username someoddgirl) you know I’ll have some pics there! Follow me on Twitter! no instagram? The pics usually go out on my twitter feed too 🙂 Stop by the Some Odd Girl Blog! We’ll be updating that hopefully daily with videos from our UStream.  Follow us on Facebook!…

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    They’re here! They’re here! I dare say they look good too! I’m not usually great at giving myself props on things but this was a big BIG project and I think I pulled it off! After CHA we’ll put up a virtual version of the catalog on the website too so everyone can see it 🙂 I don’t know if we’ll have any of these print ones left (as I didn’t get enough to hand out to every person who walks by just potential wholesale peeps) but you never know 🙂 2 more days! Then its a long (yet quiet) drive!

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    Getting Ready!

    Now that its not 110 degrees and my brain is more than a slop of mush in my skull things are starting to get finished up around here. Yesterday was the first day it wasn’t hot enough to cook yourself by stepping outside and we don’t have full on AC just one window unit that struggled so I was finally able to apply the vinyl for the booth! Above is our logo. I started with that one as it was smaller and let me practice before attempting giant Kaylee. The kids decided they had to come out and watch giant Kaylee be put up, also it was only in the…

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    The title says it all eh? My hubs was off of work last week, from Tuesday on, and we had the grand plan of getting the bulk of the booth for CHA built. We got  stalled on Saturday by some rain but we got really far! A new use for washi tape lol, shelf planning. It took us 4 days to get everything, paint it, do the build, arrange everything, do all the drilling and setting. We  still have a lot left to do but we got really far! I kept taking pics via instagram and its fun to see the progress on it 🙂 We’re still pluggin away and…