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Color Along Wrap Up

Thanks to everyone who joined me LIVE today on Ustream where I colored Love Me Not Mae. I had fun getting to chit chat with you guys even though I revealed how little I think things thru  :|| I’m going to play with the camera settings for next week and see if I can’t make it clearer, but I already think this camera is going to be better than the old one so yay for progress! 

Here is this week’s color list…

Clothes: BG32, BG45, BG49, BV25, BV29, C2, C4, C7
Skin: E50, E51, E11, E04, R01, R00, R02, V99
Hair: E02, E08, E17, E29, E97
Flower: Y13, Y17, Y26, Y28, YG 63, YG67
Eyes: YG23, YG 63, YG67

Next week I’ll be coloring Shy Kaylee and I’ll also have the schedule for Jan/Feb up so if you have an image you’d like to see, just suggest it! I’d love to fill up the schedule with suggestions! Next week will be the last color along until January 9, 2013 so I hope to see you there!

ps. Don’t forget you can watch any of the previous UStream recordings at anytime so go check it out! AND you can follow the channel for updates of when we go LIVE. 



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