Wednesday Color Along – Love Me Not Mae

Its Wednesday and you know what that means! Its LIVE Color Along Day! (and I’ve been watching Daily Grace again  😐 ) 

So today I have a sneaky image for you, next week is our Valentine’s Release at Some Odd Girl and so I thought why not color up one of the new images as a preview? Well tadah! This is a peek at Love Me Not Mae and I’ll be coloring her Live at 1pm EST on my UStream Channel. Here is the color list that I am planning on using…

Clothes:  BG32, BG45, BG49, BV29, C2, C4, C7
Skin: E50, E51, E11, E04, R01, R00, R02, V99
Hair: E02, E08, E19, E29
Flower: Y13, Y17, Y26, Y28
Eyes: YG23, YG 63, YG67

Next week I’ll be coloring Shy Kaylee and I’ll also have the schedule for Jan/Feb up so if you have an image you’d like to see, just suggest it! I’d love to fill up the schedule with suggestions! 🙂 

Ok, see you at 1pm then back here at 5pm for the wrap up!



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