Happy Tia

Tiny Tia in her tiny tutu looking dress makes me smile 🙂 My DD has dance class every Monday and I really think its the thing that is finally teaching her patience and she really loves it. She has her first recital coming up in a few weeks and just got her costume. Its oh so glittery and teal and flouncy fun. I can’t wait to see her class put on their show!

I’m happy that I finally got to do a little crafting on Sunday and managed so squeek out 3 cards for this week. I already had the images colored for the shop but I got to put them on a card! YAY! I have the new 6x6s of the Dear Lizzy Neopolotan line and its so crummy! I wish all the other bobs had come in to but they hadn’t shipped yet but that didn’t stop me from demolishing half the paper pad lol. Its been weird. Lately, when I get to craft, I seem to get so far on a card and run out of oomph on what to do with it to finish it up. Anyone else have that problem? I know I lean toward CAS cards but I end up thinking there should be something else but I don’t know what. Maybe its just being out of practice. 

The card was created for reveals this week at Some Odd Girl, this being Happy Tia! We’re having giveaways each day so I hope you’ll stop by and see!


I want to give a quick update to yesterday’s post too. Today was the first day of the new plan at school and here’s his report home!

YAY! He had an awesome day! Its a reward system that if he completes his goals thru the day, in each chunk of time, they put a sticker on the chart, if he misses then they put an X but keep going. If by the end of the day he has 18-24 “points” (a sticker = a point) he gets a reward. Today he’s all stickers! I didn’t even have to be there! I was so nervous for him today but he did so fabulous! I think this could be his turn around. :DD We’ll see about tomorrow! He’s almost done with Preschool and more than academically ready for kindergarten. This is his big hurdle! Keep it up dude!


  • Damaris V. says:

    Aww, your DD must be so excited to show off her pretty dress at the recital. Maybe you can share photos of her with us? =)

    Anyway, love the circle cut out inside the doily!!! I usually use distress inks, but it looks weird… haha. Your coloring is so amazing – my hero! lol

    x0, Damaris

  • Lucianna says:

    She is adorable, beautiful card 🙂

  • Leah Crowe says:

    YAY for DUDE!! So happy to hear he had a wonderfully good day!!
    LOVE your coloring and that doily with the pp is way inspiring!! <3

  • Danni says:

    Adorable image and card! I love the little girls in their dance costumes, they are so cute!!
    Big hoorays to the new plan working!! I hope that he continues to respond to the positive reinforcement so well!! Yay!!

  • Catherine says:

    Wooohooo! That it such wonderful news about your little man!

    I’m practically drooling over this new image and your amazing card! I understand what you’re saying about having trouble finishing. It takes me hours to make a card, and it’s usually because I’m having trouble making a decision/committing to the finishing touches. Or I have an idea, and then get all freaked out that I’m not going to be able to pull it off. I now refer to this as Crafter’s Performance Anxiety. 🙂 But please rest assured that your style is loved & admired by hundreds of people (myself included), and no one would ever suspect that you struggle. I know I always marvel at how each of your cards has just the perfect touches that pull it all together and make it work. The only solution I’ve arrived at is just to push through. Just do it! (But I find a little prayer helps, too. Especially when I know I have a certain embellie, but just can’t seem to find it in the midst of my craft-astrophe of a work space.)
    I’m waiting to see all of the DTs samples from this release, and then I’ll be scooping up these new beauties. Thanks for creating & sharing them with us, Kristy. You are a blessing!

    PS – Hope your ballerina has an excellent recital!

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