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Now that I’m regularly drawing on my tablet monitor I can do some really nice Speed Art videos for you guys! Yay technology! In this video I recorded the creation of Up Do, a line art from my August Patreon…



This is the first video I’ve done of start to finish drawing and inking. The video is sped up to 750% from the actual, or so says my Adobe Premier Elements, from that you can get a pretty good idea on the actual time this took. Watching it back I maybe could have sped it up a bit more, what do you think? I didn’t want to over do it. 


I was an all time lover of Photoshop and I do still use it a a lot but I’m pretty in love with Manga Studio 5, which is what I’m using in this video. The lines are so much crisper when inking, it really can’t be beat for that! I think I’ll be coloring Up Do for my September desktop background for Patreon so if you want to see what that’s about, please hop over and see, I’d love it if you gave it a once over. Besides the desktop background (if you guys know phone background specs I can add that too), I’m not sure what September will be bringing. I’m getting the September digi stamps finished up for Some Odd Girl then will be diving in. I always love your ideas so shoot them at me if you have any!


Hope you liked the video, I’ll have another for you, the video of Blown Away, also from August’s Patreon, next wednesday!



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