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Last week I shared the Speed Art video of the drawing and inking of Up Do, an image from my August Patreon goodies. Today I have a little pic of the finished coloring! I do have the speed coloring video I’ll be uploading and sharing soon, its not ready yet. This coloring took me, literally, all day on Monday so you can imagine how much video there is to put together.



up do collage



You can check out the entire piece in my Society6 shop if you want to before the Speed Coloring vid is up. I’m really happy with this one so I’d love it if you would! I ordered my own prints of this piece and two more for some special people I owe much thanks to, I hope they’ll love it too.


I colored her in Manga Studio 5 with an interesting light source that I had fun playing with. A lot of people saw her as getting ready for a work out or something along those lines, I saw her as getting up in the morning so I put the light source very low and to the side, like there was a rising sun type feel. When you see the entire piece with the background you’ll be able to better see how it all comes together.


Thanks for checking this out and stopping by!




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