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I told you I’d be back this week with another video from my personal art channel on the youtubes. I’m also endeavoring to up the golly gee whiz attitude this week vs the droll nap that was a week ago. Bringing back the pep!

Now, this video is my speed painting, in Manga Studio, of the past patreon exclusive line art, Veil. Now I know most people who read my blog, unless those might be crickets I hear, do their painting and coloring with more traditional methods… markers, watercolor (jealous, they hate me!), pencils, etc… so before you go BOO and not watch the video

which is only 10 minutes and I dare say it has some spiffy tunes behind it

It can still give you some insight into things like light source. From the beginning of the video you’ll see on the right side the lines indicating what I’m referencing while painting. Since its sped up to an unbelievable speed, you’ll be able to quickly see how it effects my decisions. That is info that you can apply to any type of coloring. BAM.

Not only that but I could watch other people’s speed art vids just for the wow factor. Especially ones with a unique art style, those make me clap like a 2 year old given a bright shiney red balloon.


Now, if you aren’t on the patreon I’m going to be sharing some behind the scenes stuff in the future. I left the latest Patreon post as public in case you wanted to leave me some answers to my question there. I’m trying to work my mojo on you to get you to click over and check it out… is it working?


ok. Well. I’ll talk again more next week. Its hot, my kids have been sick and cranky. I’m going to plunk my butt in front of a fan and try to conjure up more mojo instead of more drowsiness.


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