Doll | Speed Painting

Last week was a semi-fail for having a video up to share, some quick changes around here derped my carefully laid plans. Today though I have one of my favorite pieces lately to share with you. It was a part of my patreon offerings for last month but it also ended up being one of my favs to color, check out Doll.



Is it just me or can dolls be super creepy?


I was going for creepy with her blank stare and pose but, and maybe its just me again, I think she had some of that but also looks weirdly serene… like a statue that evokes that feeling of peace. Image her framed on a wall, slightly dust covered, eyes watching you as you walk through the room… My brain goes to interesting places.


I am going to be uploading her to both Society6 and Redbubble for you guys to look at on different goodies but I also had a question, as I regularly do digi printables, would you be interested in purchasing DIY Printable Prints of things like this? Printable prints may not be the best description but I think you get what I’m getting at. If that its something you’d be excited about, let me know! I don’t know why I hadn’t thought about it before.


Thanks for stoppin by! You can check out my Youtube Art Channel for more vids like this! I want to super thank my Patreon peeps for their continued support! I’ll be including all of their names at the end of my videos once I get thru the ones I had edited prior to that idea.



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