I just wanted to jump on and share the next two cards with you all 🙂

The prompt for B was “Because.” There is alot of layers on this card. It was kinda inspired by what Rachel had said about journaling the negatives then layering the positives. I put more than a few layers of paint, who knows what colors any more LOL, and then while it was still damp I used my AC rub-on stick to “write” the letters in the clay like paint.

For this one, “C,” the prompt was “Clearly.” I searched all over for something I liked when I remembered I had SHRINKY DINKS! HA! This IS attempt #2. #1 ended up being a total curly mess LOL. FYI don’t cut a shape out of the middle of a full sheet and expect it to be ok LOL!!!! I double baked it so it would be crystal clear 🙂 I topped it off with some Hambly Rubons and used my slick writer to do the writing.
I hope you’re all liking these 🙂 I appreciate everyone’s comments. I haven’t been in a scrappy mood lately but I have been drawing. I need a new scanner (mine is a POS!) so I can show you guys! Maybe I can talk poor DH into a new one.
  • Amy says:

    Those are really cool!! I have no idea what shrinky dinks are lol but I have heard of them! Plastic that you heat and it shrinks right? I saw someone do it with these little robot stamps lol. Cute cute!

  • Marie Levite says:

    Oooooh I love me some shrinky dinks! Great cards.

  • Theresa says:

    Love both of these ideas!

    The “B” one reminds me of when we were kids (well, maybe you aren’t old enough to have done this) we used to put a bunch of colors on a page, then color over it thickly with a black crayon, then scratch a design into the black crayon, revealing the colors underneath.

    I love shrinky dinks. I like to print photos on it, then shrink them, then put a layer of glossy accents on top – makes great embellishments for mini-books and cards!

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