March Patreon Goodies


This past month had been a loooow month of creativity and mojo for me, until a few days ago really. In those couple days I busted out the 2 exclusive line arts that are available for patrons, Pulling Strings and Nature.




Both of these pieces were drawn on Samsung tablet. I’m really enjoying this method of drawing, it takes away that worry that you’re going to royally mess something up when inking or sketching, hallelujah for the undo button! Its pretty freeing. If you want to know more about that you can read the big blog post.


Another fun thing about drawing on the tablet is that I found an app that lets me record the screen, I feel like that’s pretty dang cool. I took some video of inking on Nature and I’m going to speed it up and get it up on Youtube in the next day or so. I’d love to hear what you guys think, I could do a video of sketching out the next piece.


I am so very thankful for the continuing and new Patrons that joined me in February. You all are the absolute best and I really hope you enjoy this month’s goodies!



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