Bamboo Stylus Feel + Samsung Note 10.1

I don’t think I’ve ever ordered something so fast in my entire life.


Once I spotted my newest art supply love on Instagram I said, and I quote…


closed that tab, opened Amazon, put it in the cart and ordered it within 2 minutes, thank you Prime!




I’ve had the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014 ed) for a while but once I got my giganto phone, Note4, the tablet saw less and less use, its been in a drawer for at least 6 months. I absolutely love the stylus ability that comes with the Note but, and if you have one we can commiserate, its not even close to ideal for drawing. Even with my pretty small hands the size and feather weight of the stock stylus is just uncomfortable to use. Even though for a phone the Note4 is pretty big, its too small to draw on, the 10.1 is too big to read at night on, but an awesome size to draw on.


Have you ever nodded off while reading at night and had a tablet pop you in the nose? I have, its too big.


I am in art-lust after the Wacom Cintiq Companion 2, its hefty price tag makes it a very long term goal. Very long term. Very. In the meantime, this stylus stepped on to the scene and gave the 10.1 a new lease on life. It is also letting me get a feel for if the Cintiq would be the tool for me before I shell out the long horded dough.


In the digital paintings I’ve been doing for the last couple of months I’ve been using my Intuos5 Touch Large tablet and I love it so much. Being a traditional artist, even though I’ve been using a pen tab of one sort or another since around 2001, I can’t overcome the disconnect from drawing where I can see it, to drawing on a tablet that then appears on the screen. Coloring, editing, erasing, all fine, actual drawing, not so much. 




For anyone else out there that’s a digital doodler, current or aspiring, I’ll give my quick so-far review of the stylus. Its been out for a couple years (I’m apparently slow to find it), so there’s more reviews out there. 


I purchased the older version specifically for the Note. There are a few different versions of the stylus so make sure you are getting one that’s tested compatible for your device. Your device must already be a pen tab of some sort to use this as its pressure sensitive and a regular spongy top stylus is not going to be the same. Trust me. The stylus comes with 2 replacement nibs, one of the same it comes installed with and a second one, one hard, one softer. It also has a rocker on the barrel for your right clicks which, right now, I’ve 100% not used but the button seems easy to push, time will tell there if its a useful addition.  


With my Note 10.1 I’m currently using the app Autodesk SketchBook, I also very recommend ArtFlow. I switched back to SketchBook for the Daily Sketch challenges with DeviantArt, you might have seen the apple on my IG the other day, that’s where it came from.


As for the stylus specifically, its such a big upgrade from its stock cousin. It has a much better weight in the hand, though I do wish it was more centered or closer to the tip end, but I assume the internal electronics may have made that difficult. Its also closer to the length of a regular pencil, another big plus. I really like the feature, which may seem duh simple but it has a cap to protect the nib, big thumbs up. The pressure sensitivity seems as good or better than the stock and it has the feel more of pencil on paper than the other as well, I find that is really helpful when I draw. At a price of $40, for the version I bought, I am calling it a steal for the upgrade its giving me and how it works with my tablet.


Once I master this new tool, I’m excited to see what changes in my workflow it can do for me. Can I skip the inking and scanning all together? We’ll see!


Any questions? Ask below! Want to see a vid with this? Tell me below!



  • Ellen H. says:

    I don’t know anything about sketching digital, but I always dreamed of doing it. I loved reading this, but don’t really know all the products lol. Can you make a blogpost about tips and tricks, advice, introducing it for beginners?

    • Kristy says:

      For sure! I can’t say I’m a total pro but I’ve learned a few things 🙂 if you think of any specific questions leave them here.

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    […] Both of these pieces were drawn on Samsung tablet. I’m really enjoying this method of drawing, it takes away that worry that you’re going to royally mess something up when inking or sketching, hallelujah for the undo button! Its pretty freeing. If you want to know more about that you can read the big blog post. […]

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