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Smile All Day Everyday

It is day two of releases with our new sentiment sets! This might sound nerdy but I’ve never been one to let you think that I’ve thought of everything before hand. I really like how the “all day everyday” stamp can be paired with almost any other word to make a new sentiment. Its like “…in bed” joke, changes everything up! 

I paired up the sentiment from Everyday Smiles with Kimono Kaylee on this eclectic looking card. Eclectic is cool, right? I’m going to assume so  :pac:  It has bits from Studio Calico, Crate, Basic Grey, and Sass with Washi tape and rhinestones. I gave Kaylee the black and white treatment (using N’s) so she went with all the colors going on. The stamp ink is the Hero Arts Neon pink I mentioned yesterday. GREAT coverage with this ink but dang it stains.

Still stuck on the staining, yup. 

So now having seen both sets, what do you like/not like about them? and is there any you’d like to see? Let me know below!



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