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Pins and Needles Halloween Decor Tutorial and Giveaway

Hi Rachael from Pins and Needles here! Pins and Needles was started this past May as I struggled to find employment that worked around the schedule of our special needs child and our new baby. My husband suggested that I start making some of the things I spend hours ‘pinning’ and I came out with our Birthday Calender and our Daddy’s Love Tie Rack. I’ve been a scrapbooker for almost 20 years, so this tapped right into my creative side and became the perfect way to stay at home with the kids and still work.ย 

Today I have a tutorial and giveaway to share!ย Fall is my favorite time of year, so I decided to do a Halloween inspired sign.

The first step in my process is to design what will go on the wood. For that I use my Silhouette SD, which can use any true-type font. I arched the letters to give the piece a little movement, and then added some fun bats.

Then I give the dimensions to my wonderful husband who cuts all of the wood, we only use recycled or reclaimed wood. A lot of times it makes the wood a little more gnarled, and especially for the Halloween season, it gives the pieces a little more character. The one he cut for this piece is pretty smooth though.

The next step is to paint the wood and while that’s drying I use my Silhouette to cut the vinyl letters and bats that will go on the sign.

Once the vinyl is cut, I ‘weed’ the vinyl – which is the technical way of saying that I remove all of the vinyl that I won’t be needing. Sometimes this is a real tedious process, especially when the type is small. For the smaller pieces though, it’s a lot of fun.

Then I cut out a piece of transfer paper to the size of the vinyl and transfer the vinyl to the transfer paper by rubbing it. Small pieces are fun – larger pieces have successfully removed a fingerprint from my index finger ๐Ÿ™‚ Lots of rubbing involved.

Then the vinyl gets transferred to the wood by, you guessed it, more rubbing. You can buy a large popcicle stick (or steal one from your pediatrician….shhh) and use that to rub the image onto the wood. Use care, though because you can scratch the wood easily.

Then I use some sandpaper to distress the edges a little.ย 

My final step involves a heavy coat of Mod Podge. Not a lot of vinyl sign makers do this last step, but I think it’s essential. It keeps the letters from peeling off and it makes it so you can wipe it off or dust it as needed. And it gives it a nice even top layer. I also add a sawtooth hanger for the back, so it can easily be displayed an enjoyed!

And here’s the final product.

Do you like this sign?ย Visit and Like myย Facebook page, let me know that Kristy sent you,ย then leave a comment below with your favorite item from the Pins and Needles shop to be entered to win this spooky sign! Deadline to Like and enter is Oct 31 and the winner will be announced here on November 5.

Good Luck!

ย -Rachel


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