Moved Around Space

We don’t have to new living room furniture yet, anytime in the next couple of weeks, but we’re ready! I spent all day Saturday cropping with a friend (score!) while DH was hard at work at home. I had told him what I wanted but besides a mess of tools and boxes I found when I got home for dinner (I’m so naughty!!!) he had it all set for me! What a man!!!

The biggest change was my desk area. It moved from the other wall to this one and was shortened up just for me 🙂 DH’s computer moved else where so this space is all my own. Or as much as I can keep everyone out of it lol. The laser printer, tower and scanner are all below on cubes. Luckily my computer tower is tiny, half the size of my laser printer. What I didn’t like is when DH refered to it as my “cubical.” He got a dirty look and amended it to my “corner office with a window,” smart man!

This area is the next biggest move. Its now more of a station, much easier to use too. And I gained that little corner spot that holds another lamp and my spinning holder of tools. I can’t wait to make a big mess here! We moved a couple anti-fatigue mats under that blue rug so its extra cushy. The dresser was repurposed after the wood between the two top draws wore out. It holds paper work, finished cards, my sewing box, dremel and other odds and ends. The 4 drawer white cabinet has my sewing pins and thread in the top drawer, all my photography stuff in drawer 2, storage and shipping supplies in the last two. The cabinet is packing/shipping/cutting station 🙂

This didn’t really change much at all. The little shelf just moved over to the right and we put a couple mats under the rug here too. The blue armoire holds all my scrapbooking/cardmaking supplies and the tall white cabinet has all my sewing and fabric inside. And up top is my biz books and folders, the drawers hold more paper work and things. Both my desk and this work table are covered with an Oil Cloth that I ordered from Etsy.

We definitely shrunk up the area but I think it has a much better flow now too!

Don’t forget to keep sharing your creative spaces with me for my Some Lil Q’s this week HERE! Or linked up on the right 🙂

  • Marilyn says:

    It looks great! Looks like you get some pretty decent lighting in this room. 🙂

  • Reshma says:

    Love the aqua blues in your room and the armoire looks very stylish!

  • Sarah C says:

    Looking forward to the stamps, since I am still technology challenged!

  • Tracy (Jedi) says:

    Looks awesome & the flow looks great! Isn’t is so refreshing when your craft area is all clean and newly arranged?!?!?! lol

  • eleventh monkey says:

    I love it! And I love the blue! I wish I had such an awesome space myself! I’m sure you’re spending many happy and productive hours here! Love the momiji!

  • Kait says:

    Yum. Natural lighting.
    My favorite.

  • Claire says:

    i love this space!

  • Nancy says:

    Looks Awesome!!

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