Good Bye Family Fare

I finished up the last day at my day job over at the Family Fare. Its a lil bittersweet as I’ve been there for 8 years and alot of the people who work there are like fam to me. Its not like I won’t ever see them again but I enjoyed seeing them on a almost daily basis so that’s sad 🙁 but I also didn’t like the 35 minute drive one way in the winter not to mention alot of other headaches so its a trade off of sorts. I took some pics of sights of a typical day to share here and scrap with…

punching out for the last time…
Hope everyone enjoys their Halloween!
  • Zarah says:

    Good luck on your new adventures!

  • Kate says:

    family fare sounds like the supermarket we have here called Woolworths!! good luck Kristy im sure you will do well darl! xo

  • 1 year self employed! says:

    […] turn last year when I woke up in the morning and realized that I wasn’t going to my day job, remembering my last day at a job I had for 11 years, getting my feet under me and into a […]

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