Monday Inspiration – Purty things

Today there were a couple things that sprung to mind for inspiration (like an internet connection working when I get up LOL) but I decided today’s inspiration was purty things we could use in our crafting/creations. So where else do I go but Etsy to look and drool, and here’s some things I found…

Click each pic to take you to their Etsy listing. Gotta love Etsy! BTW, I’d love to see a tut for those rolled flowers if anyone knows where to find one πŸ™‚ *nudgenudgewinkwinkhinthint*  
Alrighty! Come on back tomorrow for my skin coloring copic tut vid! 
  • Zarah says:

    We have the same taste. It's almost scary!! Bakers twine? YUM! That white rose ribbon? Drooooool…! …and the tape? *swoon*

  • Leah the Orange says:

    dude, i can DO those rolled flowahs! we'll chat! xo

  • bosenberries says:
    Might be helpful???

  • Diana Fisher says:

    Ha! As I'm scrolling and thinking, "Wow love that baker's twine," what do I see but my map flowers!! You rock chickie!!! Thanks so much for the link up! Great, pretty choices today!

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