Dollies Friday!

Another week has flown by! Can you believe it? I can’t. It seems like DH and I just had our anny (mid september) but now its almost halloween. Well this week at the Dollies I put up a new sketch for you to play with that fellow Dollies Dana and Chiqui totally RAWKED!

Here’s my take
My LO is about this raccoon that has been coming up all summer and eating the cat food off the porch. Right as fall was setting in we learned two things about our guest 1) SHE was a girl and 2) She was preggers! One night she brought the entire fam to the porch to chow. The food bowl is now in and we haven’t seen the tinies again but they were too cute 🙂
I hope you’ll join us this week!
  • Kate says:

    its done!! just have to upload it 😀
    i love those racoons!! we dont have them here 🙁 xo

  • Metal_Minish says:

    omg too adorable! Look at that fluffy striped tail… X3
    Love the colors you used, browns n' blues and all, looks awesome~

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