Holiday Inspiration

If you can’t tell just by looking around my blog, teal/turquoise is my FAV color! We are home on the holiday (the first labor day I can remember where I’m NOT working my day job!) working on our big project and I am on the look out for some inspiration! I went to one of my fav haunts for fun stuff, Etsy, and typed my fav color into the search bar and came up with these fabbby finds!

I am seriously bummed that these vintage shoes are only an 8! The are perfect for me but my big feet would just cry being shoved on in. Look at the scallop trim on the leather and the clear heel! I could cry. If they were a 9 or 9.5 I would have snatched them UP! 
Even my son said that this pillow is cuuuuuuuuute. We love playing in the rain here and this pillow is just makin me happy!
Another pillow, maybe not one to rest your head on but I can totally see myself doing something like that with the buttons on a LO or card. Super cute!
This is just fantastic! Only 4″ tall what a sweet lil piece of artwork! I can’t believe that I would ever be able to make something so tiny this sweet but I’ve been really wanting to try my hand at sewing again and this lil loop is super!

OMGosh! If I was a lil girl I would be all over this dress! Its only available up to a girls 8 but I dig the vintage camera motif! 10 years ago when DH told me he had a vintage camera collection I guess he was ahead of the times ๐Ÿ™‚ If anyone wants to make me a skirt with that camera on it I certainly won’t object! Not to mention the idea of taking an old shirt or something I’m not so into anymore and giving it a new life with something fun with a bit like that seems superb. ๐Ÿ™‚
I want this. I want this frame! Do I need to reiterate my want of this frame? It has a 4×6 opening which is perfect for a fav snapshot. I could see basing a card off of this frame too.
I bet when you read inspiration or holiday inspiration that this might not be the road we traveled but there ya are. Alot more clothing and sewing stuff than you are used to from me but I’ve had an appreciation of it since I was little and would sit with my grandmother and watch her sew. She was a master seamstress and made all her own clothing. She was always dressed so impecable in heels and knee length skirt with a satiny button up shirt paired with one of her pieces of jewelry (another thing she collected) and her hair was always coifed. She tried to teach me as well and I might have traveled a different art path but cancer took her from us. Sewing machines aren’t something ghetto children can readily get their hands on either LOL. Paper and pencil yes, fabric and sewing stuff, no. That doesn’t stop me now though. 
Inspiration posts are something I want to do regularly. They help me as much as I hope they inspire you ๐Ÿ™‚ I also want to see what I can put together today from my webcam. So far the action its seen is two super giddy children with their face close to the lens making any and all faces you can imagine. Gotta love’em!
Have a great Labor Day!!!
  • Kim Sonksen says:

    Oh wowee – first off I LOVE the new look of your blog: it's ACE and I love that it is the same background as SOG :)))

    And those shoes…oh man I.NEED.THEM.NOW

  • Metal_Minish says:

    Indeed, turquoise is awesome! We're trying to keep our new kitchen turquoise/light blue themed, going well so far… ^-^

    Gotta love that frame, that's a cool idea to display one's figures on a photoframe… if it's deep enough to let the figure stand there that is… XD

  • Sarah Lou says:

    oh my! i think I love EVERYTHING on this post!!!!

  • {eleise} says:

    What a great post! So fun!

    PS. I LOVE YOUR HEADER! Its so lovely!

  • Jan says:

    It sounds like you have many lovely memories of your grandmother. Those are so precious. The teal shoes are awesome. You should get them and display them somewhere. They are that cool!

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