First Day of School and a contest!

Yesterday was a busy day around here. BOTH my tinies had their first day of school yesterday, 3-school for my son and kindergarten for my daughter. You can’t imagine the excitement. This is DD’s first go at riding the bus to school…

Isn’t she a cutie with her Littlest Pet Shop lunch bag? Not to mention her twin hair buns that she HAD to have 🙂 Yesterday was also DS’s first experience of school EVER…
I think the day was tougher on me than either of them. Especially with him, my baby, goin to school and basically bootin me out the door. See…. I’m gettin misty right now thinkin about it.
Well, in my brief down time yesterday I tried to get my webcam figured out for the tutorials I want to do. Luckily DH had an extension cord for the USB cable (I didn’t even know they made such a thing) and we got it to my craft desk… only to realize that I have no idea how to get that above shot. Back to square one there LOL. I am happy to report that the cam seems to work wonderfully with great quality and software but I just have to figure out where to put it for a good view. 
Lastly, have you seen this lil guy?
We are having a contest over at the shop to name this cute lil guy. Nothin fancy to do but I think we have some purty swell prizes to go along. My thanks so CSN and iCopic for helpin us out. So hop, or swing might be more apt, on over and get yourself entered! I think he might be one of my cutie favs.
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