A whole new world

I feel like I’m coming into a whole new age in my life. My kiddos are going to school, granted my son only to three-school but hey, its a start! I am working on making the dream of doing something I love a reality and while its definitely work I LOVE working on it! Some Odd Girl is a job I feel like I can put my energies into and get rewarded for my efforts, and money is not the reward I mean. The content happy feeling when you get something done on your to-do list is a reward in and of itself when you are working for yourself. Granted I still have my pesky day job but we are working to making that a thing of the past.

I have been doing some reading and if you have been thinking about trying your hand at a crafty biz of your own, let me recommend a book and planner to you.

I’m not affiliated with it in anyway but I picked these up at Barnes and Noble after some flipping and reading and am feeling like its a super helpful read. Us creative types somethings need some organizing help (my crafty spot is a definite sign of that!) and this is a good’un!
Another lil bit changing my world a lil is a gadget that should be waiting in the mail at home as I sit here with my Mello-Hot-Cocoa
Logitech 2 MP Webcam Pro 9000 with Built-in Microphone is something else that I hope I have fun with! I’m not sure how keen I am on the sound of my own voice but hey, why not try πŸ™‚ I am hoping to make some tutorial vids for Some Odd Girl on digis and some on Copics. I’ve had enough questions over the past months that while I know the info is on youtube if you want to dig, I am Copic Certified and I LOVE helping so 1+1=2 πŸ™‚
Lastly and probably the first thing you noticed here is my blog. What do you think of the update? This update is right along with my new plan for my blog. New as in I have a plan that I will be implementing here soon. One thing I have learned during my journey with Some Odd Girl is the I LIKE having a plan and I LIKE having a To-Do list. I love my blog and realize that its such a fun way to connect with people and I am under utilizing it so these likes all go hand in hand. I feel like I do the same ol same ol so I’m makin a plan and doing what I love. I hope you like it too! 
Since I’m out and about I actually don’t have any crafty goodness to share today but I hope to see ya around the blogosphere! sMOOOOches!
  • Leah the Orange says:

    i love you!
    i love the way the blog looks, you are definitely odd, that is a fantastic picture of you (beautiful friend of mine!), and i'm SO excited for you and this brand new start! holding your hand along the way, 'cuz, well, i crazy glued it and you're stuck with me. πŸ˜€

  • bosenberries says:

    Wow! Your new blog is amazing!!! Didn't even realize it was your blog when I clicked on the dashboard…. just saw the title and and word ODD.. just had to click!! Super sweet!! Might have to check out those books…

  • Kate says:

    totally love the blog look especially the header with that fantastic pom pom!!! πŸ˜€ and you look beautiful in your pic. cant wait to see you whipping up some vids for us to see. love you xox

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