Call me a geek but I got a gallery!

I’m still nit picking away at my new blog make over and I’ve FINALLY found a gallery plugin that I like! I’m slowly adding some stuff to it and trying to link back projects to their posts. Its going to take a while but its finally up! YAY! If this one had front end loading capabilities I’d use it for SOG too but alas it doesn’t (maybe I’ll email the developer hmmm) 

So if you click the Gallery link up top you’ll have some choices 🙂 You can’t leave comments (another thing on my email wishlist) but I still like having it there. If you click on a pic and I’ve got it linked to its post you’ll see a clickable link in the bottom left hand corner. 

Its my own little online portfolio 🙂


  • Marianne says:

    Great new feature Kristy. It’s also a nice and quick way to look for particular cards and then jump to the blog post.

  • Nicole says:

    Awesome feature.

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