January Patreon Goodies!


Happy New Year! I’m excited for 2016, it might be pretty clique but a new year always seems like a clear slate and new possibilities.

Today I get to send out the goodies for my lovely patrons on Patreon. They will be getting (as soon as the manager quits 504-ing on me) the line art for Raise, my latest digital art print on Society6, as well as the line art for Smoke, and a January downloadable desktop calendar background. That background is just an extra goodie I’ve enjoyed making and I hope they’ve liked using them. I’m not sure yet what February will be bringing you yet Patrons but its the month of love so I might have to show you some extra loving goodness.

If you’re not sure what the heckles I’m talking about with Patreon just hop over and give it lil read. You can support your favorite creators and help their dreams come true. My patrons get exclusive images monthly that won’t be in my shop at Some Odd Girl and any extra goodies I feel like sending.

I’ll have a better look at Raise on another post but I really feel like I’m learning a lot and I hope you guys see it too. 

Talk again soon!


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