My Know How Book

My Know How Book by Kristy Dalman

I have a few “behind the scenes” things that I wanted to share with you but I  thought I’d kick it off with this lil book I’ve been keeping because HEY its useful! 

This is my Know How Book.

Its aptly named because these are the things I really do know how to do but I do them infrequently enough that when I need to actually do them 9 times out of 10 I can’t remember how… until way later… when I’m trying to go to sleep.

The book is a cheap $3 book journal from Target that I added the stickers to the front of. To set up your own book is really easy! I labeled the first lined page as the index (not table of contents bc table suggests I know what’s going to go in here) then counted out about 10 pages and used my word bubble paper clip to clip that section together so the Index can grow as I add more stuff. 

My Know How Book - index by Kristy Dalman

My Know How Book - pages by Kristy Dalman

Then since the pages of this journal aren’t numbered I number the page and give each entry a catchy headline that tells me what the entry is quickly then write the new entry in the index. I started out with 1 entry per page but realized I didn’t really want more than 1 Know How book so I’m squeezing them together now. Eventually I may color code the Index if it makes things easier to find but so far not necessary. 

I use my book for biz and software/computer stuff right now but you can use it for anything. Crafty techniques, coloring info, quick tuts… anything can go in the book.

I hope you find this useful!


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  • Charity Chamberlain says:

    Great idea!

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