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Oh, Hello Blossom Fairy!


Whew, what a weekend! I have a bright and springy card for you today just for the occasion!

For this card I used the Basic Grey line I am still addicted to along with the Digi Stamp Blossom Fairy from my company Some Odd Girl stamps.

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I colored this image on Ustream a couple weeks back, you can see the color list and then check out the video (while its still available). Ustream is cutting off how many you can keep on your free channel soon (not sure what soon actually means) so check it out while you can. I’m working on a way to record a good copy while doing the Color Alongs for the future so fingers crossed.


Saturday was my son’s 7th birthday (I’ll have a LO on Thursday) and Sunday, Easter, so you can imagine. I made way too many cupcakes bc I wasn’t sure how many in his class and it was just a snowball effect on behindness.

ANYWAYS! I got a little crafty time in, which I hadn’t done in almost 3 weeks *shock! gasp! horror!* on Friday… I was pretty mentally drained by then. Now I just need a nap 😉 I have to work in some down time now and again. Even if its forced in.


See you guys tomorrow with a new Color Swatch post!



  • Carmen

    Hi there

    I found your Free Digital Stamp Ebook on Some Odd Girl (It’s really well done, btw). However, I couldn’t find the free digi stamp that comes with it. I was about to share a link to your page on my Facebook page, but know I will get some questions about that and thought I’d check with you before sharing it. Sorry to leave this in the comment section…I didn’t find a place to leave it on Some Odd Girl and I’m in a bit of a hurry this morning. 

    • Kristy

      Hi Carmen! The digi is in the zipfile the ebook comes in, Weekend Kaylee is her name. I’m so glad you like it! You can always use our Contact page and its form (its also linked from the Some Odd Girl blog), or the one here to get a hold of me directly. 🙂

  • Charity Chamberlain

    She’s so pretty!! I wished a happy birthday to your son on another post but wanted to wish it again 🙂 Since my son’s b-day as well as mine are in April I am always excited when I hear of other April bdays 🙂 

  • Linda Tupper

    What a sweet card. Love the girl and you’re coloring. I love you’re choice of background. It all works together so well.

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