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Lately I’ve gotten that itch I think a lot of artists get, to try something new. 

I used to paint with acrylics a lot but trying to keep brushes and paint, as well as the resulting mess, out of the hands of little ones put that aside. As much as I like designing digitally (and I do!) I’m a traditional artist at heart! I love my markers but I want to mix it up more.

I want to mix my mediums and see what happens.

I’ve gotten myself some liquid watercolors and watercolor paper. I have 2 new-to-me brands of markers to play with. I’ve had pencils that need to be played with.

My hubs, Mr. Some Odd Girl, has put forth a monthly art challenge between us (he wants to make it a competition, I just want to have a fun challenge… men) so I’m taking that opportunity to break out a bit and scratch the itch. I’m going to be sharing some of this on Fridays so I hope you don’t mind my Artsy Adventures. 


  • Danni says:

    Can’t wait to see! and I hope you share Mr. Some Odd Girl’s creations too! 🙂

    • Kristy says:

      He’s actually starting his own blog. When he’s ready I’ll let you know the URL 🙂

  • Elaine Hughes says:

    Fun! I’m starting to mix it up a little more at the moment too, trying to force myself out of my marker comfort zone. 🙂
    Look forward to seeing Mr Some Odd Girl’s blog!

  • kristin says:

    I’m so excited to see what you create!! I, too, have the artsy itch. In the later winter/ early spring I get this itch!! Right now, I’m working on a grungy mixed-media piece. It is only in the beginning phases by I’m excited!  Thanks for the inspiration!!!!

  • Claret says:

    So glad to hear about artsy adventures. You taught me so much with copics and looking forward to another art path. New markers? Tell me more! LOL

  • Charity Chamberlain says:

    Can’t wait to see everything! I too love to use different mediums but my issue isn’t keeping little ones out of my creativity mess, it’s keeping my 2 cats out of it, lol! I am excited to see how your competition between you and Mr. Some Odd Girl pan out 😉 

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