Come Color Along with me! Pumpkin Kody *8pm EDT*


Its Wednesday! No, not hump day but Color Along day!

At 8pm EDT I’ll be coloring the digital stamp Pumpkin Kody at adding a glow to his jack-0-lantern.

Its a good thing this wasn’t an afternoon edition, I have a sickie home with me today so I’d have had to cancel in that case. So yay serendipity! Check out the WLCA page for the complete schedule.

This is the color list I’m planning for tonight on Ustream but as always, its subject to tweaks and forgetfulness.

Pumpkin: YR12, YR14, YR18, Y32, Y35, Y38
Skin: E50, E11, E21, E95, R11
Hair: E11, E33, E35, E47
Clothes: B91, B93, B95, B97, YG01, YG63, YG67, Y11, Y21, Y26, Y28, Y32, Y35, Y38
Shadows: BV0000, BV000, BV00, BV01, BV02


that out of the way, I NEED YOUR HELP!

I need requests and suggestions for November! I won’t be coloring on Nov 27 as my kids will be home. 

Image Requests?

I want to hear it!

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  • Danni says:

    I haven’t looked to see if you’ve colored him before but I’d love to see one of Ollie the monkey colored. My Belle is into monkey’s and horses and I stink at coloring animals so I’d love to see that!

    Hoping I can make it tonight!! Fun!! 

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