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Trick or Treat with the Odd Girls!



Ding Dong! 

Glad you decided to come and Trick or Treat with the Odd Girls! You should have arrived from Lenny’s blog.  If you’ve just stumbled on our hop today, you’ll want to go back to the Some Odd Girl blog to start at the beginning

Our hop this week is full of spooktacular Halloween Tricks and Treats. Don’t worry, our tricks won’t be too scary! AND, just like trick or treating for candy, you don’t want to skip any houses…or blogs in this case!  In order to win TREATS, you must leave a comment on each of the Odd Girls’ blogs. 


For my stop on our hop I have a Trick for you. 

My trick is to use no halloween papers or specific images (minus the bit of brain lol) to make a creepy  card. 

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I used a simple woodgrain paper, then the flower and sentiment stamps from Miss You Mae. After stamping the flowers I pooled ink at high areas of the petals and blew the ink outwards to get the effect. 

For the image I used Picnic Mae, a digital stamp, who is normally a very sweet spring image and colored her up to look the zombie.

To do that I used the same Zombie Skin technique I shared on the Some Odd Girl blog earlier this month. I put the brains in her picnic basket from Zombie Mae. I could have digitally pieced it into her basket too but I didn’t think of it ahead, I got caught up in how fun it would be to have a picnic basket of brains lol. 

My other trick was to make her look just a little more “undead” I used a white pen on the pupils of her eyes and then dabbed at it with my finger to get that glazed over look.


I’m the very last stop on the hop, but just as a reminder you can Trick or Treat with us thru midnight EDT on October 31. Winners will be announced Saturday Nov 2 on the Some Odd Girl blog.

I hope you enjoyed this fun hop! 


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  1. Sooo creeeeeeepy, Kristy! I love it! She looks amazingly undead and I think that’s great! thanks for sharing how to get the undead eyes! 😀 That’s a great tip!

  2. Great job on those techniques….I’ll have to go check out the zombie skin technique you mentioned…..thank you!! 🙂

  3. Wow Kristy that was some spooktacular hop! I love your trick with the image making an in spooky image into a scary image I’m definitely going to try that one!

    Emma x

  4. You are so talented Kristy!  Love Zombie Mae.  She’s been zombified!  Love the brains in the basket and the glazed eyes!  Thanks for the blog hop.  So many great tips and tricks and give aways!  Happy Halloween!

  5. Trick or treat!

    Ahhhh! that’s scary alright, Love it though I am always impressed with your imagination! thanks for the fun blog hop! learned some new things and got inspired by some of the posts ~Patti

  6. Knock, knock! Trick or treat?!
    This card is really scary! They big chunk missing from her leg freaks me out a little bit, as does all the blood… Great job, as always!

  7. Oh Kristy, this is just brilliant!! I was totally confused for a second, cuz I was all..hey, she’s a zombie and has the brains, what is she talking about using no specific image…….and then realized it was Picnic Mae…! LOVE it!

  8. Wooow! Kristy, this is AWESOME!! So scary … and spooky!! Looks real! 🙂
    FAB job!!! Love the splashed out flowers too! 
    Great blog hop!! Totally enjoyed myself here on my first “trick or treat” 🙂 

  9. Not only does she look spooky, but she’s dainty as well…I have the feeling that the person she’s missing is there, because their brain is in her basket…LOL! Her leg looks like something bit a big chunk out of it…so realistic…I love it all! 

  10. Angie Boutiller says: October 28, 2013 at 4:45 pm

    YAY! I made it!!! It was such a fantastic hop filled with lots of great tricks and treats! And like my kids always say,”Trick-or-treat…smell my feet…give me something good to eat!” Now…give me all your treats!!! Thanks to you and the DT for a fun blog hop!!!
    Your creation is so bloody awesome! Get it, bloody! Ugh!

  11. Okay, the flowers are so amazing! I love the way they just sort of bleed off the page! And Mae, wow…I’m genuinely a little grossed out! So awesome job! lol! Her leg…man, I just keep staring at her leg *Creeped out shudders*

  12. Seeing some of my favorite images zombified has been a very spooky experience. But has given me ideas as to what can be done. Kristy you are one talented lady. This is definitely your calling in life. Have loved all of the Tricks and the Treats along the hop. Have a great Halloween. 

  13. Charity C - Collective Creativity says: October 29, 2013 at 1:57 am

    Oh my goodness, does this card have me scared : ) It’s funny because it’s also cute at the same time, lol! Thank you so much for this Trick or Treat Hop! It has been so much!

  14. Just love your coloring you are so talented! In both all areas of card making, drawing, coloring ect……
    The hop was awesome I love it! 
    Thank you 

  15. ACK!!!! Kristy your card is so scary!!! but creative! that exposed leg bone is so creepy!!! eeekkk!!!
    I love how you didnt use any of your halloween papers, I wish my brain could come up with something like this too. Thank you for giving us the chance to win treats from SOG =)

    PS: happy birthday month!!! I hope you had a wonderful time =)

  16. Awesome trick Kristy! I love how you zombified her and how the flowers turned out! Great blog hop! Thank you for all the inspiration.

  17. Wow Kristy, what a creepie ghoulie! So many creepie details-Yikes! It’s great! I also love the extra ink you blew off the flowers. Thanks for the tricks!

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