WLCA Wrap Up: Peacock Kaylee

peacock-kaylee Big THANKS to everyone who joined me last night when I colored the digital stamp Peacock Kaylee from Some Odd Girl Live on Ustream! PHEW was this a big undertaking! 

Here’s the color list from last night…

BG02, 05, 07
B16, 18. 69
G02, 05, 09
YG01, 13, 17
BV23, 25, 29
E53, 55, 000, 00, 11, 04 
N2, 4, 7
R00, 02

And here is the upcoming schedule…

March 27 – 1pm EST –  Balloon Kaylee
April 3 – 8pm EST – Clever Kittys

Last night I know we had some people coloring along with me! I really hope we see some links when you are finished, I’m super excited to see how you did!


  • janine says:

    oo i love the blue!!!!

  • Rachel Parys says:

    must try this eye shadow!!

  • Katie says:

    You so totally rocked this Kristy!

  • MelissaO says:

    OMG this is stunning!!!!!

  • Sammi says:

    ooooh looks AMAZING!!! I was sorry to only get there right at the end… at least I got to see how awesome she looked lol! I will have to play catch up! I think you might have moved your times recently daylight savings moved or something! hahaha!! 🙂 LOVE her eyes.. the eyeshadow is gorgeous!!

    • Kristy says:

      It was just awesome to see you there 🙂 Yeah, we had our “Spring Forward” a couple of weeks ago. I’m of the opinion its dumb but eh c’est la vie.

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