WLCA: Peacock Kaylee


Tonight is our Wednesday LIVE Color Along on UStream where I’ll be coloring the digital stamp Peacock Kaylee at 8pm EST.

This is going to be quite the adventure tonight as she’s got a ton of detail and colors. I put together a little stock photo collage to reference when coloring tonight, it should be pretty helpful


Love peacocks! We used to camp at a park when I was really little called aptly Peacock Park. 🙂 Random story time lol

Here is the color list, and an epic one, that I intend on using tonight…

BG02, 05, 07
B16, 18
G02, 05, 09
YG01, 13, 17
BV23, 25, 29
E53, 55, 000, 00, 11, 04 
N2, 4, 7
R00, 02


We’ll see how this goes tonight! I haven’t tried my hand at this and might have a practice run if I have time… that’s a big IF. 

See you there!


  • Anna Sigga says:

    I will be viewing the recording since it will be 1am my time! 😉
    Your color along vids are absolutely fab!

    • Kristy says:

      awwwww you don’t want to stay up? 😉 jk

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