Halloween… 80s Style!

Its was 80s fest here this year for Halloween apparently. My 7 year old was rockin the 80s fashion in neon, blue eyeshadow, big hair, and leg warmers. She said it was her most fav costume yet! Which is awesome because except for the black portion of the costume (target costume) the rest I pieced together and she can wear again… like to school 🙂 

My 5 year old Dude was all dolled up as Bumblebee from the Transformers, back in now but a total 80s throw back. His costume mainly consisted of this awesome hoodie I found on ebay so he can keep wearing that over and over too! I try not to buy costumes they can reuse somehow. He ended up being the warmest of all of us, it was only in the mid 30s here and rainy. 

2 staples of our Trick or Treating here in small town USA are …

Going in the Funeral home for candy (heh, love) and the Kingsley house that my DD wants to own once day she says. 

If you celebrated the spooky holiday, what did you/your kids dress up as?


  • Kimberli Sarsfield says:

    Your daughter’s costume and pose reminds me of 80’s Kaylee! Love the costumes and the fact they can be repurposed! My 3 yr old daughter dressed up as her favorite book character, Pinkalicious (which she got for her bday) and my 10 month old son was a Monkey that was passed down to us! So I didn’t have to buy any costumes this year! Score:)

  • Danni says:

    So super cute!! My daughter was Dorothy from Wizard of Oz. No trick or treating for us but we had a good night anyway!

  • Sammi says:

    Oh wow!! What awesome costumes.. your Daughter looks amazing!! 😀

  • Anna Sigga says:

    Fantastic costumes and I love the new blog-look!

  • Amy O says:

    My girls were pirates. Used a hand-me-down costume and pieces from around the house, so I spent very little! 🙂

  • Sandra says:

    Your lil dudes hoodie was very cool ( luv the idea of a reusable costume)..Your mini me looks super cute in her 80’s gear too! 😀

  • jessica says:

    these pictures are adorable!!! Great costumes!!!
    My boys used costumes from home~ one was a baseball player and the other was an army guy….easy peesy!!

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