New Biz Cards!

EEEEK! One of the best, and kind of validating, things you do when you run a biz of any kind is when you make your own business cards! I made my first ones about 2.5 years ago and it was definitely time for an update! I really liked how the tickets for the CHA raffle turned out and decided to take that idea to my biz cards but with more images. There are 6 different designs on the back (you can’t see #6 yet, it would ruin one of our CHA releases :>  ) along with my info and a QR code to easily take people to our site or after my portfolio site is done, there. I used Esponce to create the code so I can continually update where the one code goes to, just like the new QR codes on the back of our stamp packaging. 

Another thing checked off my preCHA list 🙂 

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  1. i LOVE them!!!! Definitely gonna have to order some more myself. 😀 I like the QR code on them. Brilliant. Because you ARE.

  2. Kristy, your new cards are WONDERFUL! Love how you used a few different images, just fantastic, wish I could see the other image that isd hidden =( LOL!


  3. Wonderful!
    Wish I could visit CHA.. But it’s a little bit far from Belgium unfortunately =/
    It’s unbelievable how many craft supplies are not available in Belgium.. and ordering them from the USA is a hassle with the taxes.. sad sad sad =(
    However: Enjoy CHA! I see you’re ready for it!! GO GO GO!

  4. Kristy this is a great idea. I am so glad that I got my CHA raffle ticket, I can’t wait to hear that I won(lol). God Bless and Good luck at CHA, praying you are overwhelm with orders because your stamps are super cute and I want them in my local craft store!!!

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