Cleaning Out My Stash Giveaway!

I had mentioned I was going to do it and I finally did! WOOT! My drawers and piles were really a mess and frankly a bummer. That’s when I realized I had some things that I wouldn’t use so why did I have them?
Light bulb moment!  rckhnds

So instead of throwing stuff away, I’m going to give it away! Each box or envie is a mystery prize. I’ve only included things that I thought someone could use though the stuff isn’t new. Not new as in a sticker sheet might be missing a couple or the ribbons are irregular lengths, that type of thing. Some of the things included are paper, ribbon, chipboard, metal findings, sticker sheets, thickers, letter stickers, journaling spots and more (as I can’t remember everything I put in lol). Papers are not full sheets and irregular sizes but if I didn’t think someone would find them useful, as in too small or too skinny, I didn’t include them. Just so everyone knows what’s up.

As you can see from the pic, I have 5 8x8x4 boxes and two large envelopes of stash to giveaway and they are all packed to the brim! I’ll take entries thru May 11th and announce the winners on the 13th. 

 Now the how to enter bit… I want to know what you want to know!

I’m really excited about retaking my blog and wonder what type of topics, especially when it comes to business, self-employment, entrepreneurship, art and copics you might like to see. These are the things I want to talk more about but the getting started has my stuck so I figured it never hurts to ask :> . I won’t say I’ll do them all but I always love suggestions and ideas. 

 Entries are open to anyone anywhere and I’ll be picking them based on if I can tell you are offering a thought out suggestion then randomly so “do what you’re doin” doesn’t count neither does “more cards” lol. Can’twait to hear form you!


  • Ashley N Newell says:

    I think I’m most interested in Copics. Specifically how to color hair. I feel like that’s the one place that really screams “I don’t know what I’m doing” in my card making. I would love to see video tutorials in different colors. It would also be cool to see hair tutorials on out of the box hair colors too like pink or blue or colorful highlights.

  • Michelle Stanzione says:

    What a fantastic idea! For me I would love to see more coloring tips and color combos for skin colors,I always seem to have a hard time with that they look like they went spray tanning and not in a good way! ! I know you have done tutorial in it before but would love to AT&T more and maybe what are must need colors :)thanks

  • Annette Allen says:

    What a fabulous giveaway…I bet there is some great goodies in these boxes… I would like to see more videos of you coloring and designing your cards… I love how you put your card together and always enjoy your lovely coloring. Your eye for color is amazing…Plus your just fun…
    Thanks for the chance to win…

    Happy Friday..

  • Maria Mendoza says:

    Mine would be with the copics since I use them. I’m afraid to by the fluorescent colors because I’m not sure how I would use them. I would like to see how you would use them.
    Thanks for chance to win

  • Zarah says:

    First of all: I live in friggin’ Sweden som shipping here is ridiculous – therefore I’m not entering the drawing, just tossing my two cents into the thinktank…! 😉

    I love your blog JUST the way it is! I adore the personal and fun mixture of sketches and drawings, cards, thoughts, photos, personal posts, stamps, fun Pinterest/etsy-findings… and whatnot. Your blog is very funfilled, happy and very, very YOU! (Or at least it feels like it’s very you.)

    Now, all the topics you mention above are interesting so I am suuuure I’mm love the blog just as much, if not more, when you add more of them into the mix. As long as you’re being your usual engaging, sweet self when you’re writing, I think you could probably make quantum physics interesting!… 😉

    For me, personally, I would rather read less about the bureacratical stuff, since that differs so much from here, and more about how YOU did. Does that make sense?


  • Margie Visnick says:

    I love crafty tutorials-especially ones that show me how to make handmade embellies for my cards and pages!

  • Rachael Windemuller says:

    Well, I love your family, and I love to hear about them, but I’d love to know how you fit crafting into your daily life. What does a typical day look like? How do you manage a family and a craft business?
    I also love your stamps, but I’d love to see how they can be used in other ways, other than in cards. I really love that cross-stitch you did. I don’t do cards, so it’d be nice to see ideas of how you incorporate them into your scrapbook pages.
    I’d also love to know the inspirations behind some of your designs. Are they based on family members? People you know? Or just stuff that pops into your head?
    Hope that helps 🙂

  • Christy says:

    Awesome and so generous!! There are a few things I would like to know about. Mainly how to get into Graphic Design. I am looking at taking some classes in the fall. Also I would love to learn more about general design of cards. That is something I really struggle with. Sometimes I feel like all of my cards are the same design, even with sketches. I want to learn anything and everything to be able to hone my skills!!

  • Jessica says:

    Wow!! How generous of you!! Thanks so much for the chance at some goodies!! As for what I would love to see from you in the future is more copic coloring. I refer back to some of your pictures and tutorials quite often when I am looking for specifics as to how you color.. At the moment there are no copic classes around where I live and I have your class on my list of wants in the future. I so love seeing your drawings and more on where your ideas come from and what it takes to get them from your original idea to the paper would be awesome. I don’t draw but am fascinated on watching others especially when your images are way too awesome!!
    Thanks so much again for the chance to win!! Have a great weekend

  • Jan Farnworth says:

    I am fairly new to following you but I would love to see all aspects of how you get a sketch done, get it on the computer and come out with the awesome product we call a digital stamp. I also like to see you do a video on start to finish card. Kind of like a peek into how you create. Do you start with the image, a sketch what makes you tick. Thanks so much for sharing your goodies.

  • Wendi R says:

    how cool of you!!!!
    Well I love to come here and see your copic coloring videos because you are super amazing and I can learn, so everytime you post one, I learn something new.
    But I LOVE your stamps and so I would love to see more of how they go into production once the sketch/ drawing is set to go.. that would be super cool.

  • alice says:

    i would like to learn how to draw people to my blog. i’ve had a photography blog for a couple years and it has done very well, but i went into it with a people-base-group, ready-made followers, so to speak. i recently started an art blog, i’m trying my hand at several types of art, zentangle seems to be working for me at present. i am going to their training in august to become a certified instructor and i thought if my blog base was already growing, it would help with my teaching business when the time comes. how do i get “out there” so people see me? how do i keep them coming back for more?

  • Ashley says:

    Hi there,
    I’m folowing your blog for ages and i like it very much, I have a love for colouring with copics and always like tutorial video’s on that ! (i can watch for hours!) there not very many out there and i would like to see some on how to colour folds in clothing or how you can make shadows on the background ” the real technical stuff” I think many people could use this kind of video’s! Also i would like to see video’s on “from start to finish cards” it always inspires me to do more! Also I would like to see a tour of your working space (love to drool over such video’s woohoo!):P I wish you a very nice weekend and i will have my thums crossed!!)

    Hugs ashley

  • Mette says:

    Whoa – seems like everyone is having spring clean hehe. Luckily I am still using most of my stuff and only have a few things which I am sending to a lovely fellow crafter.

    However, as for something to write about I would be wanting to know things as a NEW stamper and copic user. I.e which copics are good for beginners, on a budget, etc etc. Which blend well, what papers are really good with copics, stamping ink, printing etc. Everything a new stamper would like to know. How to get the most out of your stash, not to fall into the “I want everything” hole we all tend to hit now and again. Maybe even discuss the different styles of cardmaking with examples, embellishment tips etc etc. We all have different ways of making our cards and it takes a while before you find your own “personal” style. That’s where over-purchasing stash comes in. If you can see on one blog the different styles out there you might find “your style” faster. How to get the most out of both rubber and digi stamps – basically everyting a newbie crafter might love. And seasoned stampers lol.
    Anyhow, I am rambling here and it may not be a good idea but thank you for a chance to win.

    Hugs, Mette

  • Jennyfer L says:

    Wowzer, you sure have a lot eh? Well, for me, the biggest problem is finding which patterned paper goes with which? I have so MANY patterned papers that I do not know how to mix and match. Also, do you start with choosing the papers first or do you color images then choose papers. It sounds a bit silly but it’s been a really BIG problem for me. Also, I would love how to use my punches more often and copics. I’m a cardmaker on a budjet and I can’t afford to buy a lot of copics. What would you suggest? Which colours would you suggest to have that you can’t live without?

    Thanks for the chance to win some treasured old candy from your stash.


  • val gould says:

    I love tutorials and would love to see more videos or step by step photos of coloring with copics. I love seeing someone doing something rather than reading directions.
    this giveaway is amazing! good luck everyone!

  • SannaS says:

    errrmmmm…what would i like to know…well i’m a fairly new “copic lover” and i’d love to know the wonder of the mystic color i don’t have many copics yet and wondering which ones to buy..i haven’t got a clue about the “coding” system on i would greatly appreciate tips about that. and also about your opinions when being on a budget which colors to buy…
    and i also always love every kind of tutorials so i’ll say it anyway what you don’t wanna hear…i’m good for anything… =)
    thanks for the chance!! =)
    hugs, SannaS

  • Maria Therese says:

    I always love to hear your copic coloring tips, tricks, tutorial and marker combination to get specific colors. You are one of the copic colorers that inspires me the most and what keeps me coming back for more(that and you awesome drawings and cards!!)

  • Nina. says:

    I love to see your finished projects, but what I would like the most to see more are your videos of copic coloring. I’m just learning how to use these incredible markers, and you are definitely one of my copic coloring idols, I loveeeeee your style, girl! But anyways, I’m pretty happy with what I see here and love your stamps 🙂 thanks for the chance!

  • Annie Rose says:

    Nice! Congrats on the big Spring Clean! Doesn’t it feel good knowing things in drawers are organized, even if you can’t see it? I love that feeling. LOL

    I, of course, would love to see more Copic intruction, be it video or photo tutorial. The technique of using Copics to get just the right look, on hair or clothes or skin can really make or break an image. I feel like I’ve fallen into the same coloring rut and do the same thing over and over again, but I just know there are different ways to acheive different looks. You are my expert. 🙂

    I am also interested to know how a stamp is born — from sketch to finished product, either stamp or digi. I find it fascinating! 🙂

    Annie Rose

  • Cassandra Sloan says:

    I really love seeing the process of how art is created. I love it when you show your rough drafts of something, and i would love to know your thought process. What you use to be inspired, as in, how do you keep the ideas flowing? Also, would love to know how you balance your chicklets (kiddos) and your work. Thats something I always want to know. Last, but not least, I would love to see more new techniques. LOVE seeing new trends and what kind of unconventional things you can use in crafting. Hugs! You are a super talented lady!

  • Idit says:

    As a new girl on town hehehe
    I just had my first ever digi from the odd girl.
    The last 2 days I was looking in your blog and the first video I saw was the 45 min coloring in B&W. I was amazed and learn so much from your drawing as I am beginer.
    Today I saw some card you made and wish to see them in pic (not just video) and mayber one card from start to end (even if it take 1-2-3 post in a raw), I realy love to see the thing like even tie a bow (each time I learn how nice to do like others)
    I found out that I realy wish to know if some of the regular stamp will be digi some day (as I realy found that nice to peont them as any size I want)

    Thank you for your work.
    I realy happy that I found that blog (as I love your digi stamp alotttttt !!!!)

    Have a nice weekend
    Idit – Israel

  • Nitasha says:

    Well, I have two cents and I’m about to give it to ya….I love digital stamped images and stamps that are colored with Copics, Pro-Markers, and any other beautiful inks, but for some reason I just don’t know how to create those beautiful works of art. I loved the feature a few months ago that you spent teaching us about Copic techniques and tools and I really would love to see you break it down even further to like a Copics for Dummies (for me) LOL!

    That was one cent and here is the other….I don’t know if you crave organizaiton like I do, but I crave it yet I’m not good at it! So would love to see how you keep your life/home organized and running like a well oiled machine! Again, thank you so much for asking our input and giving away boxes galore of goodies! Have a beautiful weekend!

  • Rachel Parys says:

    First, and foremost, love your company and product!

    What determines who you make digital, or rubber? Why not have the image available in both? I, myself, love both styles, but sometimes I forget about my digis because they are not physically sitting there looking me in the face! I know, I could simply print them out and keep a catalog of sorts, but that takes time away from crafting!!! Just curious???

    Thanks for all the fab images Kristy!

  • Carrie McGuigan says:

    First of all I just recently discovered your stamps and it was love at first site. I would love to see moe videos and I think it would be outstanding if you could come out with matching papers and embellishments to go with them. Your doing a wonderful job and I am so hooked that right now evryone is getting cards with SOG images. I am also finding t hard to match papers like someone else mentioned. But i do the best I can. Yo are the first Digi stamp i have ever tried too and I love them. Keep up the good work. Your awsome!!!!!

  • patti says:

    I love your tutorials but what I really want to know is if you play draw something and if so can I play you??!!?! I would also like to see more tuts on backgrounds…all different kinds and colors…

  • Tanya Phenis says:

    How awesome of you 🙂 I will tell ya what I need! I am wanting to get into coloring digi images. Been collecting them but haven’t done much with them yet the problem is I do not own any copics. What other ways are there to color these and make them look good? I have the new Tim Holtz markers, but would these work? So, as you can tell I need a tutorial on coloring images withOUT copics.

    Thanks so much!!

  • Vera W. Yates says:

    A couple things. First, you’re the Copic master, so of course, I would love to learn more on coloring with Copic. Your video tutorial was very helpful. Then from business side, I am always intrigued on how one starts in designing stamps. The process of how do find the company that end up making or producing your stamp, how do you decide how many to release and to estimate how many to order, etc. I think those would be something fun to learn. Thanks so much for the chance to win this, Kristy.

  • Heidi Brawley says:

    I really like seeing tutorials on making cards from Start to Finish!! I like seeing the process of it being made!!
    Have an Awesome weekend doll!
    hugs, Heidi

  • Kymberle says:

    Awesome idea!
    Personally while I love the Copics, I REALLY love to hear what makes someone “tick” so I would love a feature where we could ask questions and you answered one at a time. Things that might help someone else… like
    How did you get started?
    What was the best advice you got when YOU started?
    What is the one thing you did that you wouldn’t if you started over?
    What is the worst advice you ever received (besides my suggested question post)?
    What one piece of advice would you give someone just starting out in the crafting community?
    What is the most satisfying part of your business?
    What is the worst thing you encounter or a task that you dislike in your business?

    You know “stuff”.

    Okay maybe I am just nosey… but I would love to know stuff like that :^]

  • Grace O. says:

    Hi Kristy!
    I would really like to know how you create you chibis?
    what characteristics about the person on the photo that is sent to you that makes you draw their chibi in that specific way?
    also, it would be awesome if you could do a skin and hair colour chart =)
    I would love how to see you colour! =)

  • Redonna says:

    What I’d like to know is how you decide whether an image will be clear stamp or a digi image? There has to be some cost justification for producing clear stamps since digi is easy to distribute, but then again, there is the risk of unauthorized redistribution to be considered with digis, so I know there has to be some process for deciding.

    And, as a follow up, would there be major barriers to actually producing images available in both formats? I wonder because I notice that the Nouveau girls are all clear stamps and since I like to resize images when I want to just color them I have not bought any Nouveau Girls yet.

  • Krista Cable says:

    I’d love to hear your story as to what lead you to making your own stamps. I find it awesome that you have been able to take an image from inside your head and reproduce it to be used in so many medias. So what made you to decide to take that image and make it into a stamp instead of just drawing it and keeping it to yourself? Also what would you suggest for someone who wants to start their copics collection? For example, what are 10 copic colors everyone must have? Or what are 10 that every new copic luster should start with. I have copics, I just remember when I started I couldn’t find anywhere to start and you seem like the perfect person to set that example.

    Krista 🙂

  • Karen Mathews says:

    I would love to know more about your creative processes and how you come up with your ideas

  • Sara Schumann says:

    What an awesome giveaway! I have two things I’m interested in….the first is how do you purchase the Copic markers? They are so expensive for me, but when you start buying what colors/shades do you start with? There is no way that I can afford a set until I graduate from school and get a job as an RN, so in the meantime I’m looking for ideas on how to get started being on a budget. The other thing I’m interested in is how you started this stamp business. I know you from CafeMom and always knew you were crafty, but what started you off making stamps and how did you make the first ones and is it the same as they are made now? Sorry I’m so full of questions!

  • Stephanie-Emma says:

    I love the videos particularly and any colouring tips/techniques are always gratefully received!

    I must say though that anything a bit “out of the box” is always an added bonus, and always nice to read everything even if it’s not craft/papercraft related – e.g. I loved the cake pops! Such a fantastic idea – angry birds or not they looked fab and very tasty!

    As great as the crafty posts are it’s also nice to read about the rest of your life and know that you don’t have to spend every waking hour working on bringing us such gorgeous stamp designs!! 🙂

    Stephanie-Emma xxx

  • Cheryl says:

    Hi Kristy,
    I’m a newbie to both copic markers and to some odd girl stamps but, I have quickly found them both irresistible.
    1) I really love your art and was wondering if you would be expanding it to include your own line of craft paper, embellishments, etc.?
    2) I’m new at card making and I love the tutorials that are start to finish and share techniques using the copic markers.
    3) I would love to see more ideas for scrapbook crafting.
    Thank you for the handwritten notes to your customers! So sweet!!!!

  • Jess D says:

    I’d love to hear more about how you started out as a stamp maker, and to learn a bit about what goes into the process of becoming a successful stamp business. I know it’s not for everyone, but, it might help someone out there looking to break in to the craft market. I have a school girl crush on your cards, and colouring so any more of that you want to throw in is a bonus 🙂 Apart from reading more about how you got started on the path your on, I’d like to read a bit about your life and how you fit so much amazing talent into everyday life.
    I’m going to stop now, before I sound like a crazed stalker 😀

  • Amy O says:

    I would like to know your system for balancing crafting/business/home life. I know with young kids it must be difficult – how do you prioritize?

  • CarlyJo says:

    Hi there, this maybe off in left field considering what your entire blog is about, but I wanna know 😀 You are talented with copics but I have not seen if you color with any other medium, do you enjoy coloring with other mediums? I cannot give up my crayola if my nephews were crying for them, I know thats naughty! This is a big one….do you ever get bored with stamping or card making? *gasp* I know another naughty one but if you do how do you fix that? I know sometimes I wanna toss my paper crafts outside a window and just curl up with threads and needles and sew me something completly random…like a….cup. Thats random!

    Thanks for the opportunity though, I can only imagine what your tid bits are like. Oh and my last question, how BIG are your drawers, thats a lot to fit into drawers!

  • Angie says:

    Although I love your stamps, your style and your coloring techniques, I am very interested to know how you got started drawing designs for stamps, how you started your business and how you got started marketing yourself. You probably have discussed that here, but I am still interested in what you have to say about all this.

  • Tina Mayo says:

    I would love to see like a chart of some kind telling me your marker combos..I have a lot of trouble with that …like I eyeball 3 or so out and start coloring but sometimes it turns out and sometimes it doesn’t ..really hit or miss..or just a few of your favorites…and I had an idea for stamps if you are interested in that as well…ok don’t laugh may sound kiddish but like one cute girl with a few maybe a little paper doll set ..we could paper piece..throw in a few hats and purses…i dont know… sounds cute and fun I think..

  • Shannon H. says:

    I’d like to learn how to make my own stamps by hand and how to build the confidence to start my own business. Thanks!

  • kimberly says:

    WOW…everyones suggestions are spot would be great to learn more about business and crafting…love your blog and your colouring is amazing…

  • Emma (metalicbutterfly) says:

    Hi there I would love to know more about how you got into designing your own images, do you have a graphics background, were you into cards first then images or has one led to another? Where do you get your inspiration from your style is very unique and a some odd girl image is instantly recognisable, I personally would love to see some images with a storybook character theme rapunzel, snow-white,princess and the frog, not with their long traditional dresses but with the funky style of some odd girl….

    I love your work and your inspiring blog and long may it continue

    Emma xxx

  • Kelly Millett says:

    I’ve found your hair tutorials/ copic month really informative. The thing I still struggle with is shadows in clothes. It’s the whole light source thing and knowing where the dark pieces of clothing would be. Any help with this would be good.
    Learning about how to make your own digi’s would be good too. Do you draw and then scan or use a graphics tablet ?
    Also do you ever colour in your images using other mediums like prisma pencils or distress inks. Any tutorials on how you do that would be great.
    Also different creations made with your stamps like canvas’, mini books, smash pages, gift boxes and so. Cards are great ut sometimes I like to alter things too, so anything on that.
    Thank you for thinking of us for stash. I think I need to take a leaf out of your book and sort through my stash x

    • CarlyJo says:

      You may laugh at me but I have a desk lamp that I put in the area I want the sun light to be. Its like a reading lamp with a head that can be twisted all which ways. I am still new to alcohol markers and coloring in digis in general but it has helped me tons. At least with the very start of shading. I agree with sorting out stashes:)

  • Carly W says:

    ooohhh ….. its like a lucky dip ….. or Christmas …… or pass the parcel ….. so exciting!

    All the suggestions so far are wonderful and we all seem to be wanting the same things.

    I love to see layout ideas, colouring ideas and basic tutorials. Its nice to know how things are created. I always love it when you tell us how an image came about as well ……

    xoxox Carly

  • flutterbytrina says:

    Ohhh everyone seems to be spring cleaning at the moment! So kind of you! My thoughts…

    Well although I have used copics for a while I still feel like a beginner, so I would like to see more ideas on what colours work well together for skin tones, colouring eyes in different tones is also something I struggle with (like using two blues or browns act and I have never tried green eyes!). I am becoming more adventurous but still get scared!

    I would also like to see where you get your inspiration from, I struggle sometimes and would like to know how you get by blank moments (thats assuming you have them!)

    Hope my input counts! Thanks for the opportunity!


  • Maya says:

    I would love to know hos you got started as an entrepreneur. I would love to be self-employed one day but how does one start and dare to take the step? I guess it’s different for everyone but I just keep thinking of it as “one of those dreams” like moving to a nice warm country or winning the lottery. It’s never really real. How did you decide to take the step and where did you start?

    Thanks, I hope you’ll write about this some day. And thanks for the chance to win also. 🙂

  • Krista H. says:

    I love to see more tutorials…. Coloring skin, cards and projects…. and more…
    I just love your blog and visit every day… And about the spring cleaning… I’m busy with it too!

  • Lou Mac says:

    What an awesome idea!! I don’t know where to start!!

    First I wanna know how you got so awesome with your colouring? Is it really just a matter of practice, practice, practice? I love the shadowing and the directionality (is that even a word?! HAHA!!) of the light source on your images. Perhaps a few videos on that one day?!

    When was that day “that day” when you decided to set up your own business? Is being an entrepreneur all you had hoped? Is there anything you would change? If you could do it again would you start out SOG as a business earlier?!

    I would also LOVE to see more speed colouring videos, I love to see how you make your images come to life with colour. I love how FRESH SOG is. Always new releases and new inspiration from you and the DT to drool over. MORE OF THAT!!

    I could go on forever. LOVE your blog muchly, and can’t wait to see more!

    P.S Thank you so much for the chance to win. xo

  • Angela Carter says:

    I would definitely love to see more about entrepreneurship and getting started, i.e., the legalities of the art industry, and also copic tutorials. I’ve never seen copic coloring in the papercrafting world like yours. It’s superb.

  • calamityjane says:

    Since I love everything about your blog, I don’t know what to ask for!! I always have problems with skin colors when I color. That would help me out! You are one of the best colorers (is that a word??) I know! Thanks for the chance to win some loved goodies!

  • Emmy says:

    Wow Kristy! That looks like a lot of stuff!! How generouse of you!!

    My whislist:
    A video and pict tour of your craftingarea
    The same of your brain! 🙂
    And we need to talk stump!! I want to see how you did that!!
    I would love to see the designprocess when a stamp comes to life, from first doodle to naming her

    Keep up the good work girl! Love your blog, Im here often for inspiration but Im bad at the commenting bit..

    If Id be so lucky to win I’d be happy to help with the shipping to Sweden!!

  • alethea says:

    What a fun candy and fun way to enter!! I would love to know how you balance everything in your life? Work, crafting, blogging, everyday life – Housework, grocery shopping etc!!!! Where do you get your ideas for your images? I am a single stay at home mum and some days just cannot fit everthing in!! It really is a struggle and I’m not even working yet (will be at the end of the year). I love evrything you do and look forward to all the new stuff coming up!! Thanks for a chance to win!! Hugsxx

  • Julia L. says:

    I’m new to your blog so I’m not sure what all you’ve covered in the past. But I really like your thought provoking posts like the recent one about Pinterest. I think it would be interesting to learn about your experiences starting up a small business, how you found someone to manufacture your artwork into stamps, etc. How does someone make the jump from being an artist to owning a stamp company? What was the genesis for you? I really admire the people that have the courage to do this and appear to be successful at it. It is a really competitive market!

    Also as far as tutorials tend to go, I would love to see a tutorial on how exactly you get that nose “swoop” on your Odd Girl stamps when they are colored. I am still pretty new to Copics so I am not quite sure exactly how one might achieve that.

    Also, I was wondering what your favorite paper was to color Copics on?

    And now a silly question, what is your favorite color? 😀

  • Alba says:

    Yeah! great giveaway!!!! Thanks for the chance to win!
    I really love your blog, and I must say I will be happy if you put more videos with coloring tips!!! I really love how your images look like and it’s really great for me to see your works and get inspired for mines!!!!!

  • Net says:

    Tips to use those scary bright colours…. RV04 and suchlike. Apart from filling in my Copic chart I don’t think I’ve had the tops off.

    Oh and tips for shading yellows without making them go sludgy too please.

  • CarlyJo says:

    I have another question after finding something at my local resturant, I found a button left behind advertising a company. Have you ever left an oddie behind be it a drawing on a napkin a colored item or advertisement for copic or Some Odd girls?

    Just curious after seeing the button. LOL some of these questions are really random and if I had to guess your favorite color it would be blue.

  • Gwen says:

    Hi Kristy,

    Awesome idea. The first thing I want to know? What’s in the box you are going to send to me!!! 🙂

    There have been some good topic ideas so far. I’ve got some categories that are kind of duplicates.
    -Drawing: How do you go about drawing? I don’t have a graphic arts background so I’d like to know more technical details of how to develop drawings. I just take a pen and a small sketch book and go to a park to draw. But I haven’t taken my work any further than that.
    -Process: How do you have a family and run a business and still make time for art making? Do you have internal ‘rules’ or do you just wing it?
    -Copics: You’ve got an awesome beginner class, and I’m expecting the advanced class to be just as great. I don’t know if you want to go over those technical details again on the blog. How about sharing what you learned from your students during the classes?
    -Copics II: What else do you do with Copics? Color your hair? Airbrush everything? I’ve started printing/photocopying images from coloring books on Copic-friendly paper and color for fun. Blending colors is so easy.
    -New products: what new products have you found at CHA and other events?

    I’m looking forward to more posts.

  • Lissa says:

    Hey, sweets! Wonderful give away. 😉

    I would like to know some tips on starting your own business. How you got the inspiration and guts to do it. What struggles did you overcome in the beginning?

    You know I LOVE ALL your videos, but you already do them. 😉

  • Michelle says:

    Hi Kristy,

    I use copics to color my Odd Girls stamps. I would love another more detailed video on how to color the face, not just coloring but the technique on how to get the nose, the curve and the shadow in the eyes. Since my girlies right now look flat faced!


  • Lou Mac says:

    I’m back. So.. I know this has been done on a few blogs already before.. but I know your stuff has a unique style.. so I’d love to see like.. a monthly post listing what your fave products are right now, why you love them so much. You know how it works, I’m sure.

    But yeah. 🙂 xo

  • Vickie says:

    WOW what a wonderful giveaway. I like your video and of course your cute stamps so maybe you can combine that into one or two or maybe 6??? Just sayin’ TFS your creativity with the rest of us. God Bless you.

  • Liann says:

    i adore the way you color and the way of course that you draw. But I was wondering if you are able to show more of favorite colors that you use to do the various parts of the body-hair and skin and maybe other favorite colors that you use for clothes….you are an inspiration….TFS……liann

  • Shari Green says:


    I would say I am most interested in Copics as they are my go to for card making. I would love to hear more from you on things like hair colours you use, and maybe funky combo colours outside the colour families we all know. I try to experiment with mixing families but they do not always blend nice and I get frustrated, so yeah that is something I know I would be interested in reading about on your blog =)

    Thanks for the chance to win your “surprise” giveaway.

  • Glenda B. says:

    There is a lot of people wanting copic tut.s which is always great. Another trend I have been reading is to use Prisma colors over them. I will have to break out my sharpener and get busy. I would think that the Very Thins wouldn’t be the ones since the copics are the under-painting. One thing I have problems with still is which adhesives to use when, tape runners,zots,glue sticks, then it would be helpful to have reviews on them. I have tried about 4 different kinds of glue runners and almost every glue on the market. Then Oh no which one to substitute when I run out and I don’t want to run out and buy some in the middle of a project. Oh my oh my the craft chain doesn’t not have my trust “glues” in stock, what now. I had better stop before I sound like I’m a run on sentence. lol Please Fairy God-mother send me a prize.
    Thank you for reading my thoughts,

  • Estralita Walters says:

    Any tips tricks on Copic’s. I am new to them and just really seem to be struggling with them. Every one seems to make them look so easy. I found your blog from the Copic’s page and really like your coloring.

  • Gloria Westerman says:

    I think the hardest thing for me is coloring the hair….I always go for the blonde….maybe b/c I’m blonde…..dont know….but I do…..if you have the new Tim Holtz markers and coloring with those would be awesome….if not….something other than copic….I am only limited to the first set and not in the future to buy more…..b/c….I want Tim’s markers… maybe?????
    Thank you!!!

  • lynne malinowski says:

    just a thought about creative endeavors for you (and I haven’t had time to read anyone else’s comments, so I apologize if this is redundant)… have you considered animation? taking your adorable characters into an animated medium? either a short film, or license your characters to a cartoon maker. They are so unique and full of life – I think they would appeal to kids, and if not them, another level of viewers (even teenagers or smart adults.)

  • Going to have a play! says:

    […] Your comments on my giveaway have inspired me to have a play with something that I was encouraging my friend Leah to do, mix pencils with Copics. So I did a little research before buying this scholar set of Prismacolor pencils at Hobby Lobby with a coupon. From the reviews I read, the scholar brand is just as good as the ones that come in the tin for half the price (lower cost due to packaging, plastic not tin, and they market them to students which usually has a lower retail). I haven’t got to test them out yet but I’m not a stranger to colored pencils so I don’t thing the learning curve will be too bad. […]

  • Stephanie-Emma says:

    I just thought of something else…

    I would love to see any kind of product reviews if you tried any new products (or anything old for that matter!)

    Stephanie-Emma xx

  • Redonna says:

    I think some interesting posts would be background on how you came to be where you are today. I’m sure you had an artistic gene as a child, but are there other artistic people in your family? When did you realize your talent was actually talent and not just average kid drawings? How did your love of art migrate to stamps and digi’s? Yeah, some auto-biographical posts would be very interesting to me.

  • Shelley says:

    Well I’m pretty new here so I haven’t had a chance to see everything you’ve done yet, but the things I’m most interested in are:
    – how to do hair – from actually sketching it out, to the colouring and shading
    – watching you colour – even if it’s not a tutorial, or even if it’s sped up. It doesn’t have to be anything spectacular or ridiculously complicated, but I think I would learn a lot from seeing your process.
    – business question: I started off doing cards but quit because the work was way more than it was making me, financially (although I LOVED doing it, but you just can’t pay the bills doing one card at a time.) I know you have digital stamps, but do you have any other suggestions of things you can do one time, that will continue to make money – not just one-offs? I’m working on a zine right now, which falls into this category, but wondered if you had any other things to consider.

    Thanks for the chance to ask this! I can’t wait to see what you come up with next.


  • Shelley says:

    Aaaaaaaaand now I feel like a boob because you actually DO have sped up colouring videos. I apologize. I should have looked before I requested that… That said, there’s always room for more. : ) I could watch you colour all day!

  • stephanie klein says:

    I love this blog because it is different! One of the things I loved was the copic bag you have a video on. It is nice to see solutions! I love how the blog feels almost personal also, not just here is my work. Please keep these elements!

  • Arabella says:

    Well I haven’t been following along for very long, but I love your colouring videos and I would really like to hear more about your design process… what inspires your images, how you start a drawing, do you think about how the facial details will look once the image is coloured while you are sketching it, how you went about starting up your business, how you decide on a light source direction when you are colouring, how you choose your colours etc…
    I want to know everything!


  • Carolyn P. says:

    I’d love to know how to colour water such a lake or ocean, and snow. Also if you had time, autumn leaves. Thanks for the giveaway.

  • Cathy says:

    I always love to see Copic tutorials. I struggle with the shadows and getting them to look right. Great blog!!


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