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A few weeks ago Pintrest updated their terms of service and in the next couple days are going to be rolling out another update. When the hubbub first started about their terms of service it caused a lot of people to close down or quit using their accounts, I was one of those people. I quit using mine to wait and see what changes would be made. Since then Pintrest has made an update to their terms of use and while its a step in the right direction I think they still have a bit of a ways to go in giving people who are pinned proper credit.

Now, this might sound like I’m on the anti-Pintrest bandwagon, that is totally not true! I love the idea of pintrest! I love how it can take thing and spread them in a viral type fashion to a much broader audience. I love being able to collect pins on my own boards and do a little day dreaming, get new ideas or find some motivation. I love the implied compliment when people pin my stuff. I just wish that Pintrest would have repins go right to the original source just like the original pin (ETA: after posting I found out that this change has been put into action! SCORE!) and that to see uber big pic they had to go to the original source rather than the image Pintrest saves on their servers of your stuff. Their first change is a step in the right direction though so I am giving them the benefit of the doubt that they want to do the right thing.

Ok, now that my soapbox portion of this post is done, I was checking what had been pinned from my blogs and I got to thinking, until Pintrest makes the changes that people like me would like to see, what can WE do as an ethical, supportive and creative community of artists, consumers and general lovers of sharing?

First, if you don’t know how to see what’s been pinned form your blog go log in to Pintrest, then put this URL in , no http or www. For example mine for this blog is You can see everything pinned from your blog this way. 

So, how can we be more supportive of the places we love? 

First, always pin from the original source. I’m guilty of just repinning too but when you think about it, you pin to be able to go back later and see whatever it was that inspired you so if you just repin your links will always just go back to another pin. Why not just take the couple seconds to get to the source and pin? Its a compliment to them and will make your pins more effective for you.

Second, if you are pinning from a blog or a site that you can narrow it down to a specific page like a post or product page DO IT. Sure you can grab the image when you pin from the home page amongst all the other pictures available but why would you want to? The 1 thing you want to pin is what inspired you, so get as specific as possible and give yourself and the source the most bang for your pin. You’ll be able to find that specific post/product later and for the source it will get passed around more effectively. I hate forgetting to do this then trying to go back and all I’ve pinned is the homepage. Its like having to rediscover a buried treasure without a map.

Third, everyone has the right to decide if they would like their stuff to be pinned or not. Pintrest has a small code that you can insert to your blog or site to prevent pinning. That said, if someone has done that, RESPECT IT. Don’t take a screen shot and upload the pin yourself. You can always bookmark the page. You would like your choice respected wouldn’t you?

And last, if you are pinning a product when you add a description of the product (to help people find your pin, just as you would a tag or keyword) add the price after the description with the $ sign. (ie: $19.99) Pinterest will place the price in the upper left corner of the image. Pinterest will also place all priced products on the gift tab on the top of their homepage. This does a couple of things, if you like a product and want it on your Wishlist board (I for one love that idea!), putting that will let others know its something that they could buy too. You might be introducing someone to a store or shop they had never heard of. Its so helpful especially for small businesses and handmade shop owners. We typically have little to no marketing budget so if you are going to pin it anyway just doing that one thing can be so supportive! Not only that but next time you are going over that wishlist, how easy would it be to decide what you want with the prices already there? 🙂 

Doing these things not only benefits the source you are pinning from but makes your pins better and more informative to you. I would really hear what you think on ways we can use Pintrest better and be a more supportive community! Share your thoughts in the comments below! 

  • Zarah says:

    Not to mention: give credit! It doesn’t take THAT long to name the creator or photographer or source or all of them. To actualy take the time to REMOVE credit (it’s built in on places like 2Peas) the way people do is not cool… It’s quite the opposite, actually.

    Haven’t noticed that re-pins don’t link to the original source! They seem to, for me? Weird!

    Love your thoughts on this!

    • Kristy says:

      oooo yay! It looks like they fixed that! Before the hubbub something that you repinned went to the previous pin and the previous and the previous etc. That’s awesome!

      I totally agree with giving credit where credit is due! (can’t believe I missed that one lol) For instance on the Some Odd Girl Pintrest account ( I make sure to say who created what I pin and link back to the blog post (even with DT members, I take from their personal blog vs the SOG blog).

  • kate says:

    i love pinterest but admit i dont really understand a lot of it. lol. thanks for clearing the air Kristy. What I do dislike though is that apparently its a big no-no amongst other pinners to pin your OWN stuff!! I did not know this!! So i feel I cant share something I have created on pinterest because apparently its unacceptable?!! have you heard this?

    • Kristy says:

      I’m trying to find the spot on their site that spells it out, but yup, pinning yourself is usually “frowned upon” they said it was bad pinning ettiquette. I would find it a little spammy if you went to say my personal boards and I pinned all my own products lol. I know some bloggers will pin their own best projects as a means of “getting it out there.” But so far I haven’t done it. There’s a lot of varying opinions on if its good or bad to do that and I frankly haven’t made up my mind lol.

  • sammi says:

    Great post Kristy THANKS I stopped pinning a little while ago till I decided what to do/ and things changed… This is very helpful!
    Thanks girl!!

    • Kristy says:

      That was the boat I was in too Sammi. I’m glad Zarah pointed out that repins now all go to the original. The change in terms tells me they want to do the right thing and now that everyone knows what to look for (or knows a bit better, that legal mumbo jumbo and all) anything weird won’t slip thru. Have you started pinning again after the changes or are you still thinking about it?

  • Michelle Hernandez says:

    Hey there! I feel the exact way you do- thanks for the changes Pinterest but please take it further. The personal liability clause is still there so you are still liable if someone gets in a snit and sues for copyright- not sure why they would do so now since the marketing potential far outweighs the risk of copy right infringement but who knows- I think the people who stand to lose the most are creators of original prints like you who’s designs could be copied by less scrupulous companies so I totally understand why you would stand back while things settled. I have noticed a lot more people blocking pins of sites like Flickr where there is a lot of sharing and the source info isn’t always available. I have a set of personal rules I follow just so it stays ethical- always write the full name of the original creator and what site they made the piece for, leave a link on the blog post I’m pinning to let the person know I’ve pinned something of theirs (this is so they can go check out if anyone has repined their work) and don’t pin of gallery sites like 2Peas or gallery blogs on Tumblr where you don’t get the original artist’s name. Great post Kristy! Thanks for the blog look up code- I can never remember the exact wording- this post is getting “pinned” so I can go back to that later!! 😀

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