Sketch: Sneaky

Here’s another little sneak peeky for you! :DD I’m still standing strong with keeping shush on the theme, teasing is so much more fun! I do love the guesses and suggestions though so keep’em comin!

I finally have my bags mostly packed to leave on Friday! All that’s left is the everyday items that I can’t put in bc I’ll need them obviously lol. The list though is short and the bags are sitting right here and waiting. EEEEK! So flippin exciting!!! There’s so many people to meet and talk to. LOVE IT!!! I’m sorry I don’t have anything more substantial to share but getting those last minute items done and out of the way takes up way more time than I thought LOL! BIG HUGS!

  • lizzie says:

    I totally love where this is going!! And I’m so excited that you will be at CHA this year!!!! I’ll be waiting for all the updates on the FB!!

  • Kellie says:

    I am going with 60’s or fairytale as in fairies or a mix of both lol!

    So excited for you! Photos, photos I am gunna want them! xo

  • Leah Crowe says:

    oh my gosh!!!!!
    She looks So sweet!!!!
    I’m gonna have to stalk ur tweets, how exciting!!!

  • sammi says:

    oooh… looks like she might have pointy ears too?? does she?? Is she some type of fairy going for a run? taking off to leap/ fly…mmm…wan’t wait to see the full image AND to see more of these teasers Or to see one full sketch hehehe!
    Wow not long now! Yay! You will have a ball.. can’t wait to hear (and see piccies) all about it!!

  • Faye says:

    I’m getting excited because you’re getting excited and I’m not going! xx

  • Mel says:

    I just gave you a award on my blog. Congratulations! You are just amazing!!!

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