Waking up here on Sunday morning, way too early I might add but how can I sleep, I’m super excited about what today is going to bring. But really, yesterday and Friday were already so frickin awesome its hard to imagine more awesome.

Friday I learned that this girl needs to travel with a lot of dramemine or just forget flying. Seriously! No barf bag but it was ready for use!


I liked looking out after 3 hours of snoozie bliss of pills and no motion sickness!

Then I got to meet Leah in person for the first time ever and she, besides being amazing, is the person I totally thought she’d be. That’s not a crack! Lol Funny, peppy and that part of my brain incarnate. Maybe not the best description ever but if you meet her you’ll know its right on. Then I got to meet Melissa too! She is fantastic! All the things I just said, apply them again. I couldn’t ask for more cookie skillet friends! (inside joke. Ha. Insert any word meaning fantabulous for it)


We took some amazing classes…


Got an early peek (or gawk) on to the tradeshow floor…


Had a fruity drink… Or two… And met some more awesome people that I must remember to take pics of and can’t wait for today!¬†

Oh. And I like palm trees.




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