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Hey Oddies! Its the last stop on our Birthday Hop! I’m so thrilled you’ve all made it this far and I hope you’ve enjoyed the  Top 3 creations from each of the Odd Girls this term, I totally did! You should be getting here from Christina’s Blog but if you just happened by hop back to the Some Odd Girl Blog to get started :DD

This time of year really has become bitter sweet as we say goodbye to girls that have become like my extended fam but are spread all over the world so I can’t give them big hugs or throw them a big thank you party. Then we are lucky in that we get to celebrate another year of Some Odd Girl. My dream come true! Bittersweet but lots of fun and excitement.

The toughest part of putting my post together for the hop was remembering which cards were from this term! Geez. I think my brain might be reaching its limit on random bits of information. I kept going THAT ONE! No… it was from May. OH! THAT ONE! No… it was from July. Duh, brain! But I finally managed to pick 3 that I know are from this term! YAY! So without further ado (or rambling in my case) here they are in no particular order!

So do you know what stamps these are? hehehe. Not the sentiment on that last one, that’s AC. Anyways, leave your list in the comments. They won’t show up as I’m hiding them so we don’t have any peekers but trust me, they’re there! 

Join us  back at the SOG Blog, where this hop began, on Wednesday to see the super secret birthday surprise release and help us blow out the candles on moving into year 3! YAY!

  • skberg74 says:

    Beutiful card all three but I really really loving the first yellow one.

  • Linda Citronlime says:

    You rock…!!! That´s just true facts 🙂

    1. Valentine´s Tia
    2. Electric Love
    3. Sweet thinkin´Mae

  • skberg74 says:

    And now I´m back forgot the names of the stamps so let´s go
    !. Valentine Tia
    2. Electric Love
    3. Sweet thinking Mae

  • Leah Crowe says:

    You know I adore everything your magic hands create.. these are no exception, they’re gorgeous!!!! My guesses: #1: Valentines Tia #2: Electric Love #3. Sweet Thinkin’ Mae! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Happy Birthday to SOG!!!!

  • Helene says:

    Wow, what a great hop! You girls really rock!
    The stamps you used are Valentine’s Tia, Electric Love and Sweet Thinkin’ Mae.

  • Cassandra Sloan says:

    I don’t know how you were only able to choose 3. All of your work is amazing! The first image is Valentine’s Tia, the second image is Lite, the third image is Sweet Thinkin Mae. Thanks for the hop!

  • Annette A. says:

    Great blog hop…that was so fun…

    1. Valentines Tia
    2. Electric Love
    3. Sweet Thinkin Mae

    Thanks for sharing…your cards are super fun..

  • Shari Green says:

    Amazing cards Kristy!
    1.) Valentine’s Tia
    2.) Electric Love
    3.) Sweet Thinkin’ Mae

  • Redonna says:

    1. Valentine’s Tia
    2. Electric Love
    3. Sweet Thinkin’ Mae

  • Deirdre says:

    What an absolutely amazing hop. Wow. Happy Birthday SOG.

    1. Valentine’s Tia
    2. Electric Love
    3. Sweet Thinkin’ Mae

  • Hazel (didos) says:

    WOW I have had a blast hopping round the DT Blogs. I love SOG so its been great fun
    Here is my guess at your images
    1. Valentines Tia
    2. Electric Love
    3.Sweet Thinkin Mae

    Thanks for the inspiration, Hazel xx

  • Olivia says:

    As always, your coloring blows me away! Great job with the cards and congrats on another birthday! Wish you many more years of success.

    1) valentine Tia
    2) Electric love
    3) Sweet thinkin Mae

  • Jan Garber says:

    Love your background papers!
    #1 Valentine’s Tia
    #2 Electric Love
    #3 Sweet Thinking Mae

    Could not comment on Leah’s…google block?

  • Corinne says:

    1. Valentine’s Tia
    2. Electric Love
    3. Sweet Thinkin’ Mae

    Love the cards, K! Fab coloring & design!!

  • Jen (scrapalajen) says:

    Kristy, girl did you make my fingers sweat! This was the first of a very unusual
    Blog hop.

    The images you’ve used are Valentine’s Tia, Electric Love and Sweet Thinkin’ Mae.

  • Elin says:

    These are all great cards! Love them!
    #1 Valentine’s Tia
    #2 Electric love
    #3 Sweet thinking Mae

  • Katie Norling says:

    Loving all the yellow used in your cards, very pretty! Here are my guesses on the stamps you used:

    1. Valentines Tia
    2. Electric Love
    3. Sweet Thinkin’ Mae

  • Mimi says:

    1. valentine’s tia
    2. electric love
    3. sweet thinkin’ mae

    Super sweet cards! TFS! 😉

  • Carrie says:

    I love that first card, with that flowery background!

    card 1 is Valentines’ Tia with romantic gwen xoxo sentiment
    card 2 is electric love
    card 3 is sweet thinkin mae

  • Anita A says:

    1 Valentine Tia
    2 Electric love
    3 Sweet Thinking Mae

  • Mary Brockway says:

    WOW, Kristy!!! Your yellow card is so AMAZING!!! LOVE!!! Well, they’re all pretty fab! You used Valentine’s Tia, Electric Love and Sweet Thinkin’ Mae. Thanks for sharing. As I’ve said before, NOBODY hops like the Oddies!!!

  • Angie Ha says:

    Valentine’s Tia, Electric Love, and Sweet Thinkin’ Mae…. This was such a fun hop! Happy Birthday!

  • Sammi says:

    Fun hop!! LOVED it.. love seeing all the SOG creations! Always fun to see what people like of their own work best!! LOVE these cards Kristy!!
    Love Valentines Tia.. she is just too adorable .. and you are making me like yellow more too!! hehe
    I just LOVE your Electric love card.. so fun!!
    And my all time fav stamp.. Sweet Thinkin’ Mae.. she is so vibrant and beautiful here on this card!!

  • Lisa G. says:

    1 – Valentines Tia
    2 – Electric love
    3 – Sweet thinking Mae

  • Pillan says:

    The Stamps are:
    Valentine’s Tia, Electric Love, Sweet Thinkin’ Mae

  • Hanneke van der Wateren says:

    Wow, all these cards are gorgeous as well as the stamps you used. I think they are:

    1 Valentine’s Tia
    2 Electric Love
    3 Sweet Thinkin’ Mae

    Hugs, Hanneke

  • Susan says:

    I always love how you coloring your stamps, Kristy…absolutely great.
    your cards are very charming and bright…love it all so much.

    The stamps you used are:
    1. Valentine’s Tia
    2. Electric Love
    3. Sweet Thinkin’ Mae

    Thanks for sharing….

    super hugs,

  • Rhoda says:

    This has been so much fun Kristi!

    I think you have used
    1. Valentine Tia
    2. Electric Love
    3. Sweet Thinkin’ Mae

  • Meredith Winston says:

    All are simply gorgeous Kristy!

    Happy 2nd Birthday to SOG!!

    Crafty Hugs!

  • Kadie says:

    Kristy, I adore each and every one of your stamps, so your cards are absolutely no exception–TOTALLY FABULOUS!! I need to pop over and tell you that more often (and geesh I can’t believe I missed the dt call-doh!)

    Happy Happy 2nd Birthday to your FAB stamp company!
    hugs, kadie
    You’ve used stamps: Valentine’s Tia, Electric Love and Sweet Thinkin’ Mae

  • Heidi Brawley says:

    WOW what a fun Hop! love your 3 cards you picked out!
    1st card: Valentine’s Tia
    2nd card: Electric Love
    3rd card: Sweet Thinkin’ mae

  • Anna Sigga says:

    Gorgeous cards and stamps!!
    Here is my guess ~ Valentines Tia, Electric Love & Sweet thinkin’ Mae

  • Nikki C says:

    Fantastic Creations 🙂
    1 Valentine Tia
    2 electric love
    3 sweet thinkin mae
    thanks for the chance hugs Nikki

  • Nikki C says:

    I’ve hopped along your hop but blogger won’t let me comment on a few blogs that have the comments embedded in the page (silly blogger) so I’m adding this on your page seeing it’s the last in the hop I loved lookin at everyone’s creations
    so here the answers are
    1 Photo Kaylee
    2 Tree Trimming Kylee Set
    3 Gifty Gwen
    Bonus- Minty
    1. Summer Mae
    2. Mistletoe Kaylee
    3.Heartsy Mae

    Hugs Nikki

  • Julie C says:

    The stamp/ digi that were used are:
    Card 1- Valentine’s Tia.
    Card 2 – Electric Love.
    Card 3 – Sweet Thinkin’ Mae.
    Hope I have got them all right! ^_^
    Great wonderful cards!

  • Michelle says:

    omg i am so in love with all your DT fabulous job!! Happy Happy 2nd birthday SOG!! love the oddness outta ya!!

  • Michelle says:

    oooppss forgot to add my answers..silly me was so excited …hehe
    #1 Valentines Tia
    #2Electric Love
    #3 Sweet Thinkin Mae

  • Anne says:

    Love your bright bold colors- just warms me up — #1 Valentines Tia
    #2 Electric Love # 3 Sweet Thinkin Mae are the stamps you have used.. thanks for sharing..

  • Tracey Brossart says:

    Wow what a fun hop and such amazing talent and adorable inspiration the whole way through! Congrats on you 2 years and happy birthday! Thanks so much for the hop! 😀

    Great card choices…here they are in order…
    #1: Valentine’s Tia
    #2: Electric Love
    #3: Sweet Thinkin’ Mae

    Hope I got the right! and keeping my fingers crossed!
    Thanks again and big hugz!
    xx Tracey xx 😀

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