Window Painting

I spent the last two days at my old store doing some window painting to help the store get decorated for the holidays πŸ™‚

It was amazing seeing all the people who made the place feel like home while I worked there, going to lunch with Becky made it feel like old times and that was fun. She couldn’t believe it had been a year already! AND I got big hugs from Thomas who is like a big teddy bear and really gives super hugs.

I went with something that was more “wintery” less holiday specific so the store didn’t need to rush and pull down things that would look a bit out of place on Dec 26th. Penguins were the main theme and kept a color scheme thru all of the windows. I’m NOT a ladder/height girl at ALL so while its fun to do I’m also spending some time being a little wigged out lol. The one above was the highest set but luckily that stairs/ladder thing fit there, it was too tall for the others unfortunately, I would have been a much happier girl.Β 

My calves back and feet would have been happier too! 16 hours standing on a ladder is not going to leave you feeling refreshed. XD

Anyways, I did the windows above another big set and 2 “welcome” type banners above the entrance and exit doors.

To paint the windows I used a water based paint called Tempra. Its great to use for this because it will wash easily from the windows when they are ready to take it down. When the main light, like everything done in the front of the building, is coming from the outside it looks nice and smooth too. From the back it looks a little streaky with the brush strokes because its back lit. Also because it comes off so easily it is painted on the inside to protect it from the weather (which it was pouring yesterday) so its something to keep in mind.Β 

This one will always look a bit streaky because the lights in the store hang right behind this set of windows. I thought the idea of this one was funny since penguins can’t fly and those Cardinals on the power lines look so skeptical at his arrival ^u^

Its a fun decorating thing you can do at home too. The basics are easy. I sketch my design on the window with a black dry erase marker to make sure I get all the elements right. If you are writing you have to write backwards to so you can read it from the outside (if that’s your goal). Then you can paint your outlines first right over your dry erase, with some markers and paints though the paint might bead on the dry erase so you’ll have to erase then paint in sections.Β 

Once your outlines are dry then you can start filling in with color.

Easy Peasy!

The other door said Happy Holidays. I finished a day earlier than I expected so I didn’t get a pic between the rain and just wanting to go home and get off my feet! Ouchy! So today I get to play alot of catch up which isn’t bad bc DH is home as we thought I’d be painting today too.Β 

Don’t miss the wee 3 three digi release at Some Odd Girl today! 3 digis great for Thanksgiving that is coming along FAST!Β 


ps. I’m such a nerd, love the new emotes I put in with a new plug in! :love:Β 

  • Trudie says:

    These windows are beautiful and so much fun!!

  • Maria Therese says:

    This is so cool! Love your window painting!!

  • Damaris Velazquez says:

    WOW, those windows look amazing!! Your work is across that entire building for all to see!! I bet that must make you smile a little extra today. I’ve never met a window designer before and now I think I might’ve become a huge fan!!

    Thanks for sharing.

    My favorite window is the snowman scene. LOVE IT!!

    x0, Damaris

  • Marilyn says:

    Are you kidding me?!!? These windows look amazing, I wish I could see them in person. I absolutely love them – so adorable.

    • Kristy says:

      Thanks Marilyn!!! The colors are brighter IRL πŸ™‚ dang gloomy November!

  • Metal_Minish says:

    Awesome paintings! *w* This would be fun to do at home as well…

    And I love your new smileys! Can we commenters use them too? I’ve seen some people even have their own avatars, what have I missed here… @__@

    • Kristy says:

      Thanks MM! πŸ™‚

      Hmmm. I’m not sure about the smilies. They are typed shortcuts like wordpress usually uses but customized. I shall try a couple and see…

      :eeep: :derp: rckhnds

      The avatar thing is a lil different. Its picking up your avatar with your wordpress account or your gravatar account. So if you have a custom gravatar ( it’ll pick it up. If not it just fills one in.

  • Creations by Shirl says:

    Kristy ~
    I just admire your talents, you are so creative my friend….
    love those images on the windows of your store….. I’m sure they must be super pretty in live action……
    Those Thanksgiving digi’s are you having them in clear stamps too? I’m still having trouble down loading digis to my computer from your site and 3 more other sites… I went to our local store here Office Max where I bought my computer and they are saying it’s from the opposite end which is from your store and the other sites and the type of files it could be in……I really like the pocohantas digi so I can play along with the challenges you have going on…..

    • Kristy says:

      Thanks Shirl! πŸ™‚

      We are, for the most part, intending to keep our digi and clear images separate. I’m not sure what to say about the site(s) issues. We aren’t having problems with anyone else. If you email me I can pass you along to my hubs who is a bit (understatement of the year!) more tech savvy than I am. He’d probably be able to figure it out.

      You can definitely play long with the challenges with the Clear Stamps though πŸ™‚

  • jessica says:

    OMG these are fabulous!! I love the whole penguin theme and that one penguin on the wire is awesome!! You are so super talented! Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

  • Danni says:

    oh my word!! You are just so talented!! Wow. I wanna have 1/2 your talent and creativity when I grow up!!

  • Mimi says:

    wow! what a cute snow scene!! love the adorable penguins!! TFS! πŸ˜‰

  • Robin Funge says:

    Go You!!! You are one talented girl… never cease to amaze me!!!
    Fab job on the windows!! Love the new digis {no thanksgiving here though πŸ™ }

    • Kristy says:

      Have one anyways πŸ™‚ We use it as a day to show your family/friends what you are thankful for… and eat turkey and watch Football. We all write out what they are thankful for and it gets added to our banner with last years and the years before.

      • Robin Funge says:

        wouldn’t be any harm to start… kids would love it!

  • Kim S says:

    OMG you are nuts – but in a gooooooooooooooood way. Those windows are AWESOME, AWESOME, AWE-freakin-SOME!
    Come over my place and do mine?

    • Kristy says:

      Um… YES! That would be tons of fun!!! :DD

  • Annie Lung says:

    Oh my Kristy…this is soooo cute! And what an awesome job you did…such a talented women you are! I love the penguins πŸ™‚

  • Pat R says:

    Those turned out beautiful! We did the school windows when I was in high school, and the year after that, I did my mom’s living room window. Haven’t tried it since. No nice, big windows to work with. πŸ™ I love the penguins! Esp. the one on the telephone wire!

  • Lucianna says:

    Those are AWEsome, really wonderful work!!

  • Tricia says:

    Is there ever an end to your creative ingenuity? Holy moly! I cannot keep up with u….u rock and these are FANTASTIC,

  • Lou Mac says:

    Oh. Em. Gee. Seriously awesome! Come and paint my house please! πŸ˜€ LOL!! xo

  • Corinne says:

    So amazing, Kristy!!!! Love everything about it!! I’m sure the store and staff dis as well!! Those penguins are super cute!!

  • Zarah says:

    Oh. My. GOSH!
    You are tooooo fab for words. REALLY!

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