Homemade fun!

Meet Autobot 🙂

My Dude is in love with the Tranformers Animated cartoon and when I emptied a box of packing stuff the other day and he started to walk around in it… well it was only a short leap to this 🙂

Autobot likes to do what all the other kids are doing…

even if he doesn’t fit.

but he can still throw a mean frisbee

and hop on the hopper ball

even if he falls off alot.

but Autobot is one cool dude.

I have a couple vids to edit that have to be shared! They crack me up! Autobot eventually goes down the slide, he even trasnforms for the camera, AND his first attempt at hopper ball… well you can imagine! Tin foil, a box, tape… good times 🙂

I’m still playing catch up from yesterdays power outage so maybe after lunch I’ll get my craft on and have more goodies to share. OR I might draw and work on more Nouveau Girls… I finished another one the other day 🙂


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