Happy Birthday Chicka!

Happy 6th Birthday Chicka!!!

Momma is going to be spending alot of today getting your birthday ready. Cleaning house, decorating your cake and hanging balloons and streamers πŸ™‚ We both know how much you like surprises so I want to have it all done by the time you get home from school at 3:10pm. You don’t know it yet but your cake will be hello kitty sitting on a cloud of frosting with a rainbow and you’ll have white balloons and rainbow streamers (streamers are a must for chicka, momma knows πŸ˜‰ ) .

You took your Hello Kitty cupcakes to school this morning so full of birthday happiness, I can’t wait until you get home and you can see what we have for you! Dude is here with me and is excited to help me get ready! We love you!


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