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Chibi Me – Annoyed

Meet chibi Kristy  :rotfl:

She’s complete me from the blue in my hair with the dark roots from the need to redye to my black hoodie that I wear all the time.  She’s even got my big lips  :-*

I ran across this challenge on Deviant Art called 25 Essential Expressions. It started a couple of years ago but like anything like this on Deviant Art, its never really over lol. Anyway the challenge is to use the sheet provided and draw up an expression for each one of the emotions provided. I was feeling slightly, more than slightly really, annoyed after WW3 my chitlins were putting on so I naturally started with this one first. It totally makes me giggle now  😀 if you want to try your own hand at it or just see the sheet you can hop over to the deviant art page with it. Scroll thru the comments for links to completed sheets. There’s some funny in there  😀 Especially this one.

I’m going to post these as I do them, the first one was too fun not to do the rest! This one is for the irritated one but annoyed is more my feeling lullz.


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