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Chibi Debra

Happy Easter crafty friends! Scroll down to see my post for the Some Odd Girl Stamp Release Blog Hop but not before you see Chibi Debra! I was commissioned by the super sweet Debra to make a “ME” of her. She saw the flamboyant Chibi Kellie I had made for Miss Winnell that I’m affectionately calling Waffle Kellie and sent me an email 🙂

I had a ton of fun with it, these are just addictive to make! From a piccy of her and some clues to her personality I drew up her Chibi. I have 3 more I’m working on and am just so excited! These girls are super cute! So if you would like your own don’t hesitate to email me and we’ll chat 🙂  I loved working with Debra as my calling her super sweet wasn’t an exaggeration 🙂


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